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♥ Useful Tool to arrange a meeting successfully

I found this on the net last years and it was immediatly really helping! Doodle http://doodle.com/ is a free tool, you can create a poll and schedule an event … such as a board meeting, business lunch, conference call, family reunion, film night, or any other group event or make a choice… among places of meeting, restaurants, films, menus, travel destinations or among any other selection. All this by 3 very easy steps:
  • Create a poll.
  • Forward the link to the poll to the participants.
  • Follow online what the participants vote for.

It already helped me los of time, its a very easy way to meet friends. I definitely recommend Doodle to you. You also can try it on Facebook or Igoogle. Really usefull tool.

♥ I can't stand - round 1

Hi guys, this post will be always "work in progress". I'll add the things I for sure detest and dislike at all and update my list:

  • the pink tablecloth @ restaurant! I HATE IT
  • when boyfriend carrying his girlfriend's bag
  • if someone eats with his mouth opened, really revolting!!!
  • when the people's nose drip and they don't blow it, ahahah
  • whining people
  • people always gives advises!

and please add yours to this list, they are precious to me to share our disgasting!!!


♥ Etiquette & Protocol

Lina Sotis is definitely the queen of the finishing school! I suggest you to read, just to know, one of her books to practize with good manners. I can't stand when the people don't know the easest of them.
Have a good reading!


♥ shoes, which one?

Ok ok, let me say the true: it's my passion! I treat them like a special and precious piece of design. Some of them are really a jewels, when you speak about Giuseppe Zanotti (are simply stunning!!), Missoni, Saddler, Sergio Rossi, Sebastian and others you are speaking of the best designer I've never known.
My last and recently acquired black pair make me so sadisfied and proud!! I'm talking about my Varina! The Salvatore Ferragamo house has created many stylish shoes but the Varina Patent Flats (1930) is one of the most popular designs. Its an iconic grosgrain ribbon decorates the front of the patent leather with the logo embossed on the nickel buckle. It's perfect for every occasions such as a picnic in a park, a romantic afternoons, working day and also a smart night. It's a classic design that will never date, very posh!! I definitely LOVE them!
Am so addicted I've decided to take pics of all my shoes, the album is called LOOK DOWN, I'll post it earliest soon.
Direction about their use:
  • shoes should be coordinated with other accessorizes but not to the bitter end, it's should be boring and ungracious! Sometime is better to try, risk and dare combination more free but keep in mind: don't exaggerate!
  • they must be comfortable, soft and like a glove.
  • flat shoes make woman simple, eartly, quite easy.
  • hill shoes make the woman to be tall, imposing, important.
  • The ideal shoes is classic with some new modern adds. Some shoes is better to leave in shops or look them in photos!!


♥ Mug

When I was in London I used to have a cup of tea in the afternoon and before going to bed, with my flatmates. This is a must in London and i wanted feeling such as a Londoner so at first i tried but with some hesitations actually (milk into the tea sounded quite weirdo!!). At least I LOVE it and still now i have this habit. I'll post my favorites tea and infuse another time. Anyway I wanted say that I for sure needed of finding the right MUG (like a shopping addicted/victim as I'm). So I lighted on the Pantone cups, inspired by Pantone Color charts. They are exceptionally fabulous, they bring fun in the kitchen!!. My favorite, Pantone 2583 C is a cute violet that just says good morning princess! I have just found now their last product: MyCuppaTea. Really brialliant idea!! This Pantone Mug helps you make the perfect brew! All details here www.suck.uk.com/range_gallery.php?rangeID=76.

Enjoy your English Tea!!
The last Pantone's item is an Electronic Scales (£25.00) make with a tempered glass platform and sturdy plastic moulded body, these scales look good enough to hang on your wall, and you’ll be pleased to know they can be, as each one is also designed with a digital ‘time of day’ clock function. Brilliant!!

P.S.: I have a huge collection of mugs in my kitchen, I'll take a photos of them and post it.


♥ Design

Another passion of mine is design! It makes me curious and always fascinates me! I like looking for every sort of exhibition or festival about DESIGN and also find blogs on the web regarding it. I LOVE going to exhibition and browsing the last weirdest gimmick, the most useful thing, the best witty idea. Looking for popular artist but also young designer, basicaly i prefer the last one.
One of my favorite exhibition is FUORI SALONE in Milan. It usually is in April every year (http://2009.fuorisalone.it/2009/)
I'm feeling such as a cool hunter during this event!! My favorite design things are: home stuff (http://www.muji.com/), kitchen tool (like the tray above, 6 single pieces of plastic to add together), chairs (Vitra is the best), lamps of course (Artemide and others), office gimmick, all sort of sofà and bookcase and ..more!!! Am definitely addicted of design!!!

♥ Kitchen Garden to live green

I've got a new hobby for just 1 month. This makes me feel the sense of nature, tranquillity, relax, healty, safety, tradition and of course beauty as well. I was thinking what can I do? ... a little kitchen garden is that I need!! I said and i did it so now I have a very very little plot to take care, day by day. I bought a book about kitchen garden and plants and so i starded up with this project. I wanna improve it with many different species of vegetables and of course a lot of decorations as well to make it astonishing. I LOVE spending my time in beautiful place, I mean nice and pleasent but not uncool. Its so cute seeing my lillte plants growing up. I like a lot tasting every type of vegetables and this is the best idea to eat healty. I also noticed that this my new hobby makes lots of friends of mine really curious and wonder. What I wanna say? Find your personal hobby, it surely makes you richer!! Do you need some more suggestions to find your likely and ad hoc hobby?? Here they are!
  • school of drama
  • course of photography
  • knitting night with girl friends
  • course of wine tasting
  • cooking course
  • class of musical instrument
  • class of dance (I tried tango, country, capueira and all were fantastic)
  • season subscription at local theatre
  • yoga or pilates
  • cineforum night with friends

Are they enough? Keep in mind, your hobby must make you richer! Do you get what I mean!? Make sure to do the right choosen!!


♥ Daily - my favorite day

This seasons is fantastic, makes me happy every day. Actually nothing special happens but am feeling so good all day. This is the Sun' power I means!! In Italy the weather across this month usually is quite worse , colder and more ugly but this years its so sunny!!! Lots of people are outside during night, they dress up very light clothes, every kind of urban events work well... I LOVE this period!!! Just to enjoy this seasonas much as possible I wanna have good time hour by hour . I wake up and ... My Favorite Day starts riding my awesome and handmade LV bike, getting coffee in a new lovely and cozy bar in downtown reading the local newspaper, this is one of the biggest luxury I allow to myself, I LOVE have breakfast in a bar. Sometime I have a full breakfast with delicius muffin violet flower flavoured @TCafè. Its absolutetly the best stared day! Later I head to the office and stay there till break lunch. I LOVE having lunch @ different places or grabbing a bite such as sushi or ham or fuit&yogurt or salad! Again office till evening. The best end of the day is having a wine glass with friends of mine @ winebar, best choise is Fontana. After that go directly home and chill out myself taking care of my lovely things. Do you like my day? I definitely LOVE it. Here beneath the best sound track of my favorite day! On my ipod this:

♥ Bags, which one?

Sure, this is definitely my biggest love: BAGS!! I LOVE them but am not really addicted on, I mean, I look for the quality not the quantity, basically .... just few of them but high and good quality! The bag definitely tell about his owner and every girl would have her favorite bag. If you change bag every day... this would mean you are unhappy, unsatisfield and actually it's really laborious too!!!

The bag is an accessorise freestanding, it mustn't to be compulsory coordinate rather I personally prefer the contrast. I don't like when the whole apparel is all coordinated! Try to dare! ok ok I agree never never never put on red shoes and yellow bag, come on its rubbish!! But if you are total black and use a beautiful orange bag ... you will be really elegant and posh! Don't shy away from colour and enjoy breaking the rules. An all black suit is a more sombre colour but you can inject your personality with fun accessories such as a huge yellow bag!
I don't like change bag every time I change dress, so It must be resistent and of good quality (LV is an evergreen to me)! I LOVE the biggest ones, I like bring with me a lot of things, sometime I think to have all my house int.
I like the colour bags, like blue, yellow or orange as well besides black and brown ones, it's nice flying of fancy. I like obiously also the classic branded Louis Vuitton. It must be sober, traditional, without frippery: in short ... classic! My aunt gift me 3 her vintage LV, they are simply terrific and ... unusual (they are out of stock!!)
Otherwise I'm going crazy with the smallest ones too, clutchess are simply divine. I use them during the evening or night, really usefull (just key, money, mobile and gloss). Last years I bought my favorite clutches: one is by PRADA (an elegant masterpiece), the second one is by LOUIS VUITTON (my first LV, bought it in Florance in a happy day) and the last by TWENTY8TWELVE (got it in London). At the end the medium size are ... useless, unnecessary... in short...rubbish!!!

NEVER: plastic bags are definitely banned! But you should use the recyclable bags when you make shopping in supermarkets, its so green, safety and cool as well! Just to say: I ♥ ORGANIC.


♥ My last acquisitions

When I saw it for the first time I fell in love with it immediately!! It' s a perfect witty, cool, funny and casual mix! That hilarious mobile case must be in my bag at once!! For sure I bought it, well done!
Of course you have to know as wearing it to avoid seeming a teenagers or a fanatic! I LOVE feeling different to other women also with very sample things, this is my must: be different!!
Later I needed of a notebook and, no alternative, I looked for it amongst the Moleskine's collection @ Feltrinelli. I LOVE them!! I chose the fuchsia one, it my FAVORITE color in this period!.


♥ about Colours

The colours are very important at all. Life must be full of colours no only black, white, grey but all tonalities must be picked up. I always say: la mia vita è colorosa (my life is colourful). My ex boyfriend gave me a box of colour pencils after a bad period of our relationship. He said to me: "Sorry, I removed colours from your/our life, I now wanna give them back to you!!!" He was so brilliant, I forgave him immediately! (why did I split with him!!!???). Back to the topic MV please!!!
Just trick for all bloggers! With this useful tool you can find quite easly all codes of coulors you want to customize your blog as you choose! I used it for minesto get fuchsia and apple green.
Here: http://www.degraeve.com/color-palette/

These colours on the left are wonderfull! All of them! But my favorites are the most delicate and light. My coulors must make me feeling calm, relaxed, peaceful. I need of it! But at the same time also I need something strong and powerful to upset my life! Apple Green and Fuchsia (last new entries) go straight in my TOP5 after white, nutmeg and willow green. My last addiction about colors? Fantasy with dots and I'm so addicted I asked for painting one wall of my bedroom with nutmeg on back and a lot of loose white dots around the wall. How is it? I N C R E D I B L E and W O N D E R.

Color is magic, dots are classic .... its perfect!


Pink is the color of universal love. Pink is a quiet color. Lovers of beauty favor pink. A pink carnation means "I will never forget you"...read more


♥ city guide: London & the first 2 hours

Last years I spent almost 4 months in London for work and I've definitely fallen in love with it! It's quite easy, I know!! Am in LOVE with London. First step: listen this tune and fall in love with London such as me: London Calling By The Clash
I'd love give you some tips about the City. I decided to post some different news, here I advice you what you can do in London just arrived there! Go to the pub!!!! Out of joke here some tips:

♥ To get the city from Stansted airport you have a lot of chances but the cheapest (£9) is by Transavision bus, up to every 30 min and it takes 55 min to reach Liverpool St. The fastest is The Stansted Express, it runs every 15 minutes and reaches Liverpool St in 45 minutes (£18).
♥ Hotels, I LOVE this so cute, cozy and family and cheap Hotel: Celtic Hotel in Russel Square (WC1N1DD).It's very confortable, just restroctured and in a really nice area. If you are looking for some more nice place is suggest you The Zatter (
http://www.thezetter.com/), i stayed there with my ex boyfriend ... trust me it was amazing!!! Anyway its important to find the hotel in zone 1, surely better if its close to tube stations.
♥ Transport: moving in london is really easy by tube, bus or cab. Buy the Oystercad, it's London's travel smartcard, add money to it so you can pay as you go on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and some National Rail services. The aim is to ensure that Oyster always charges the lowest fare.
♥ Now get the closest rubbish pub to your hotel and enjoy your first beer in London such as a londoner!!


♥ MV at glance

Hi guys,
I've just decided to start a new project: this blog!
Ok, let me say just two words to explain why I wanna do this: just to share with you my personal passions, tastes, interests, some tricks and more. In other words l'll be posting news, speak in videos about things I like a lot, my favorites (to do, to see, to drees up, to watch and bla bla bla)! The idea was of my manager honestly, she has begun with her blog just for 2 weeks and I like it so much than I decided to do the same. I believe I can give you a lot of steers or tips, day by day, to find the right way to live well and in a cool mood with little effors, trust me!!. And honestly I love only the beautiful things, am a lover of beauty. One of my favorite quote is: "POOR but SEXY".
And now something about me: see the photo on the right, it's my fridge, I LOVE bringing with me a magnetic from all cities I visit just to remember me my trips. Here my favorite song of this period:

Hope this blog was interesting for all of you and keep close, I'll be back to you every day.

ps: I like a lot this font: VERDANA but to be honest my favorite font is Tahoma.


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