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♥ Daily - my favorite day

This seasons is fantastic, makes me happy every day. Actually nothing special happens but am feeling so good all day. This is the Sun' power I means!! In Italy the weather across this month usually is quite worse , colder and more ugly but this years its so sunny!!! Lots of people are outside during night, they dress up very light clothes, every kind of urban events work well... I LOVE this period!!! Just to enjoy this seasonas much as possible I wanna have good time hour by hour . I wake up and ... My Favorite Day starts riding my awesome and handmade LV bike, getting coffee in a new lovely and cozy bar in downtown reading the local newspaper, this is one of the biggest luxury I allow to myself, I LOVE have breakfast in a bar. Sometime I have a full breakfast with delicius muffin violet flower flavoured @TCafè. Its absolutetly the best stared day! Later I head to the office and stay there till break lunch. I LOVE having lunch @ different places or grabbing a bite such as sushi or ham or fuit&yogurt or salad! Again office till evening. The best end of the day is having a wine glass with friends of mine @ winebar, best choise is Fontana. After that go directly home and chill out myself taking care of my lovely things. Do you like my day? I definitely LOVE it. Here beneath the best sound track of my favorite day! On my ipod this:

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