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♥ Stars Bunting

My little number two is arrived and I was ready with some decorations I was making for her! Here the first one, a stars bunting to hang near her crib. I made them following the easy star pattern below.

Here the star pattern by Jelly Wares.


♥ Today it's baking time!

Hi all, I found this excelent and really yummy recipe on Pinterest.

I wanted to try immediatly and I have to admit that the recipe is brilliant, perfect, very accurate. It's really easy peasy to bake these rolls, they're even simple to make!

Here the fantastic recipe: Delicious Dinner Rolls.


♥ Waiting for Olivia

All patterns available, check them out below.

  • Hat with flower: hat pattern available for free here; for the flower click here;

  • Pink Pikie Hat: my inspiration was from this free pattern then I just changed something, I'll upload my new pattern soon!

  • Cardigan: free pattern here by Petite Purls.

  • Dummy Holder: for the flower click here; for the leaf click here.


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