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Hey hey do you already know the brand Marimekko? I felt in love for a dress of it and all his abstract design fabrics last years and since then I always check Marimekko's moviments. Now I bumped into this set of free wallpapers, aren't they really cute and cool? My favorite it's that with the strawberry and I'll use it to wrap the next birthday gift!!

♥ free printable bunting

I couldn't wait to share with you this fantastic free printable available I found at Ruffled? I couldn't help to pop in here and spread the wolds immediatly!! It's a amazing printable alphabet-letter bunting!! I love and I have to admit I'm pretty addicted of bunting and flags. This printable is stunning!!

Download all 26 letters to spell out any message you could possibly think up. Some letters have more than one pattern/color, so you can mix and match.
Let's party!



♥ agrycult: new way to get fresh fruit & veg

I'm really glade when I bump into some new, really interesting and exciting projects! Well here we go! I found this website called AGRYCULT where you can get a subscription for a box of italian and fresh fruit or veg and they are able to send it straight to your place!! It's a great idea!

We don't need to go anymore to the supermarket, we know what we are eating, we know that they are italian, we know that they are fresh, we can eat the seasonal veg and we also help the italian agricolture to grow up! They can source seasonal food and support Italian farming. You can aslo buy some cheeses from them and I guess they wanna enlarge their store with more and more local prodact. I think this comunity of farmers is based in Molise (South of Italy).
The objective of this is to come together buyers and local farmers: it's a simple way to eat healthily, and it doesn't cost the earth.

They are working a lot on line right now and you can reach them on their blog, twitter and facebook! You can aslo find some recipes and advise how is the best way to cook and eat the food.

Marco Vitale is one of the creator of this service and I have to admit that these guys are doing a really good job!

How it works:
Every week they can send you a balanced diet of fresh fruit and veg that changes with the seasons.
You'll get delicious, organic fruit&veg from experienced small-scale growers who love what they do.
Why are they asking for a subscription? Because your weekly order can help them to plan crops with the farmers, keeping them in business and you in healty food.
If you are interested in this new and ambitious project contact them for sure they'll help you better understand this challenge.

I like this and I wanna support it!!



♥ today I've learnt

  • I can stand the pain without tablet (yuppy!!)
  • I can live without complaining :-))))
  • To sleep no in the darkness
  • I love "Postal Service"
  • I hate smell of coriander

♥ turban and Her Highness Sheikha Mozah

Who is she? the new classy Mrs Harrods sice her husband, Emir of Qatari, bought the famous magazine Harrod's in London last spring. As consort of the Emir, she is a social activist and the driving force behind a host of innovative and ground breaking programs in Qatar, Her Highness is guided by her faith in Islam, her dedication to the Emir's vision for the future, a deep respect for traditional values, and a commitment to the highest possible standards.
She is a gorgeous woman, elegant, grace, classy and also sparkling. Why am I speaking of her? I love her style and her ... turbans!!!
I dressed a turban last Sunday... it was stunning!!

♥ Unité d’Habitation in Marseille by Le Corbusier

Here an amazing building from Le Courbusier's project. this colourful builting is located in Marseille and was built in 1947-1952. It comprises 337 apartments arranged on 17 floors. The building also incorporates shops, sporting, medical and educational facilities, and a hotel too. This building should be a "tool to live" where 1.500 people can live leisurely. Now the Unité d'Habitation is an hotel: nothing has changed since 1952 : neither the space organization nor the light, the clearness, the parc; the facades or the furniture. Spirit and materials are there.
It offers a great diversity of services : cute bedrooms (cabin), studios, large bedrooms, mini suit and more.
"It is a rare place for stay, charged with sense, magic and calms that we propose to you".
I can wait to be there!!


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