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♥ Unité d’Habitation in Marseille by Le Corbusier

Here an amazing building from Le Courbusier's project. this colourful builting is located in Marseille and was built in 1947-1952. It comprises 337 apartments arranged on 17 floors. The building also incorporates shops, sporting, medical and educational facilities, and a hotel too. This building should be a "tool to live" where 1.500 people can live leisurely. Now the Unité d'Habitation is an hotel: nothing has changed since 1952 : neither the space organization nor the light, the clearness, the parc; the facades or the furniture. Spirit and materials are there.
It offers a great diversity of services : cute bedrooms (cabin), studios, large bedrooms, mini suit and more.
"It is a rare place for stay, charged with sense, magic and calms that we propose to you".
I can wait to be there!!

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