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♥ oh my shoes

This is my big passione: shoes. I love them (and bag too) more then other other accessories.
The best designer ever is Giuseppe Zanotti (3 - 4), have a look at those stunning creatures: white sandals with a big classy flower on the front, perfect for a bride and the other one more everyday use, in gimpy style, they are perfect for every occasion. The orange shoes are by Bionda Castana (1), it's a new finding I did thank to a girl friend of mine. Orange satin is a special choice for the summer. In black you can see a creation of Azzedine Alaïa (2), a Turkish designer. I really thik this style is amazing and unique.
The prices?? I don't wanna know them!!!


♥ flag toppers

I promise this is the last time i speak about flags and buntings but I coudn't help to don't make my own flags!!! I mede my flags to put on the top of your little sandwiches or simply food during your house party. I also add a writting so you can apprise your guests of wich kind of stuffing or ingredients there are in that specific sandwich or food. Nowaday there are a lot of vegetarina or allerging people so these my little flags can be helped.
So here you can find a paper with 4 different types of them in differnt colors too: Veggies, mayonnaise, meat and cheese.

You surely already know how to build and stick the little flags around toothpicks.

Click here to download the pdf.

Hope you like them! Print, Stick and Party!!


♥ words at the ready

Here we go with another page to print! I made this really useful print to hang up the wall for me. It's just a paper where I can write the new English words I learn and where I can write also the Italian definition so my fiancé can learn them back. I find it very usefull because I have them always under my eyes and this helps me to memorize them better. If you are learning a new language I think this can support you. Click here to download the pdf.

Enjoy your summer


♥ pom poms

Here another thing I do love! Pompoms are so cute and fluffy that they immediately make happier and cutier the room where they are. I spotted on the amazing Sodapop Design blog a tutorial to hand-make it and it look like easy to make (hopefully). All you need is: fabric, paper lantern, glue gun and patience. I'll try making during my hols and I'll give you feedback. I love spending time checking Caro's blog out, I always find beautiful inspirations, original ideas and cute handmade things to make! Check her post here.
Do you think is this DIY too much for you? No problem put hand to your pocket and go to the Etsy shop: A Dash of Coulour: a wonderful world of tissue art! You can buy gorgeous pompom right there!


♥ freebie: weekly calendar

I like so much to create graphics!! Here you go if you need a weekly calendar.
Click on the images to get the pdf file


♥ eventually ... holiday!

I can't believe 3 weeks have gone by since I turned 30th! It's really true time flies away great fast. Moreover this is a oh so nice and excited period for me so it seems time goes more faster. Anyway I'm here to say you I'm finally going on holiday next week so I'm not sure I'll able to post. I've been working on some freebies, I hope to find time to finish them so at least I can share them with you sooner.

Enjoy your hols


♥ flags&bunting

You already know I’m totally addicted of flags and buntings. So I went hunting for them around the web and I nicely found a lot of really cute handmade and super-cool things. I decided to do a summary of them such as a post and share them with you.

Some inspirations:

1) Cake Bunting by Kiki La Ru
Kiki La Ru's Cake Bunting makes cakes look extra special and festive! It’s really something special and unique, a real eye-catcher! She says: Every time I bring a cake topped with my Cake Bunting to a celebration, it gets a lot of 'ooohs' and 'aaaahs.'
2) Little Newspaper bunting by Corikindered
3) Valentine's Day Garland by Lavander. Use different type of papers and choose the size of the flags then sew them together and use them for embellishing your room adding a little love or paste them on your Valentine’s card, Valenine’s menù or use them simply to better wrap your gift.

Print and Party:

1) Free printable flags by Daily Suze. They come in 4 cute hues: coral pink, light teal, lavender, pastel green. Suze made 2 different sizes of them (big and small). You can find 4 sheets of printable paper bunting she has prepared for us!
2) free downloads by Creature Comfort. You can find here another set of bunting in 2 sizes (party bunting and food topper flags). Because of the used colors these would work great for a nautical themed party, a child's room decor or more, let your mind work.
3) Alphabet letters bunting by Ruffled, check my past post for all details.

Print as many pages as you'd like!!


1) Here my favorite finding, it’s really brilliant!! The Wedding Chicks offers us possibility to customize these gorgeous "save the date" cards for free at their website, I’m totally in love with the colors and those birds too! And also it’s very easy to get yours, go and try!
2) Bunting invitations and rsvp cards by Haley Dolan of Bread of Many . They are available for free download in three colors on Nonpareil Magazine.
3) If you don’t have time or you are simply no good at hand-making things you can have a look this website Tea For Joy where you can find invitations to buy.

Play and have fun!


♥ getting ready for meteor showers

The meteor shower is peaking this week, probably the best evening to watch them will be on Thursday 19th in Uk so i'm getting ready to have a oudoor evening. It is expected to peak at around 11pm and continue through the night and the perfect condition of the waether could help us to spot them properly. Seeing stars in their full splendour, shining bright in the sky above you, is one of the unofficial wonders of the natural world and don't forget every fallen stars you spot you can express a desire.

1) Bring a lounge chair or blanket, so you can relax and look up with ease. Check out some of my favorite blankets from Toast (from €59)
2) Some candles might help you in the dark and let me say that they makes atmosphere. I found these wonderful outdoor glass candle holders. They are by Sundance (from € 20).
3) Thermos can't miss at this date. Remember to bring with you some hot tea to warm you up. By Sigg (from € 20)

Are you ready for your meteors night?


♥ inspiration: necklaces

I'm totally in love with all of them. I found them several months ago on the web and I'm really sorry but I can't truly remember in which websites/blogs I found them. I rpomise next time I'll take note about all sellers. I can't hide my idea to make them using these images such as inspiration.


♥ freebie: thank you card

I was too excited about making new graphics so I made other 2 free patterns for you, they are "Thank You" cards.

Here you can download the files:

Thank you pdf 1

Thank you pdf 2

Ok ok they are just nice but they are my first creations, give me a change folk! Anyway I hope you appreciate these my freebies, I'll make more for every occasion.

I also decided I wanna make this blog take off. I've never launch properly it because I wasn't interested in it so far but now I'd like my blog was browsed more. I keep my finger crossed and I'll look for any suggestion about blogging.

Have a lovely weekend.


♥ fancy a freebie? knitting note

I'm still here with big news (I was too excited to wait till tomorrow): I made my first pattern! I decided to post some freebies for you made right by myself!

I'm really, really super excited about this my new commitment which is like a ... "graphic". I'd like to learn about using a proper graphic program and I'll do it for sure so I can improve my future patterns!

The first freebie is note papers for your memo about knitting works. Hope this is welcome, to download the pdf file click on the images on the right, print it and cut it out!

I ♥ knitting!

♥ baby shower

Hi hi it's time for me to do outing: I'm having a baby very soon and you can't imagine how happy we are!! As every mum to be I'm getting crazy with clothes I'd like to buy (OMG gap has so many cute and marvellous miniclothes!!), things for fornishing the new room but I also think about party time! So the first party for my baby will be the baby shower and it is in December, I know it's really far away but I can't help to think about all this oh so cute things.

woollen booties by Frogginette

Actually in the past days I was blogging on my faves and I already found a lot of insipations but I don't wanna stop to glimpse in every nooks. Any Suggestion?

For sure a bunting can't miss at that party!

Here a little tip to make a very basic and easy bunting:
Variety of cute fabrics
3 m of Ribbon

1. Cut 12 long isosceles triangles from fabric. (basis: 20cm and height: 24 cm)
2. Pinch the flags with pins on the ribbon
3. Sew the top side of flags on the tape (you could also staple them)
4. Iron them



♥ fresh watermelon juice

Hi all, it's hot and i'm dreaming of watermelon juice!! There is nothing better than a refreshing Watermelon drink to beat the summer heat. This recipe is easy to prepare too and everyone would love it.

1 little seedless watermelon, peeled, coarsely chopped
1 lime juice
cubes of ice
1 tbsp sugar (if you want)

Blend the pieces of watermelon and lime juice in a blender until smooth (few seconds). Add the ice cudes in the blender and mix for just a minute more.

Enjoy the summer.

♥ travelling around England in quirky accomodations

Canapy & Stars has a fabulous range of extravagante holiday structures in UK, curated by Sawday. They include lots of marvellous carvans and canopies with a particular interest in treehouses (future plans include a Georgian treehouse).
It's was really amazing to bump into that website.

It's a wonderful, cute and cozy collection of beautiful and quirky places of a camping kind! Over the coming months they’ll have everything from stunning tree houses and luxury yurts to log cabins and Gypsy caravans – even an Iron Age roundhouse. Always comfortable and cozy, sometimes unashamedly eccentric, these will be Special Spaces to stay for those in search of escape, mild adventure or the chance to go slow. Have a look at the Canopy & Stars website for summer holidays with a dash of eco-panache: http://www.canopyandstars.co.uk/ .

Thay are lied around Cornwall, East Lothian, Sussex, Somerset and more regions.

Aren't they gorgeous?? I can't help thinking at the romance of sleeping in those places ... Unfortunatelly They are sold out for the next few month and i don't think it's a great idea go there during the fall.


♥ cycle hire london

I wanna share with you this new brillian initiative of London' s governament: cycle hire. They are really everywhere and it's reallye asy to take it and ride!!

Well done!

♥ positive printable

It's Friday and I just found this oh so cute blog:
Kind Over Matter. I'd like to share with you this so printable post: Positive Prinatble.

Please have a look and enjoy your weekend printing some of these stunning papers.
Actually ?'ve just found this full of inspiration blog... I think I'll spend part of my weekend browsing it.


♥ ibiza

It's no true Ibiza is just a crazy island for young people wanna be crazy during night life. I went there last week to celebrate my birthday with some friends of mine and we had a really good laugh long weekend. Actually we chose to have relaxed days because of my little baby I'm proudly carring. Anyway here some suggestion regarding awesome venues, beaches and places I saw there:

Las Salinas is a very long, wide crescent of pale sandy beach and it is bordered by pine woods. You can enjoy the sun also with music blaring from the party bars (The Jockey Club or Sa Trinxa Beach Bar). Location? really handy because it takes just 10 minutes driving from Playa d'en Bossa or Ibiza Town or 30 min by bus number 14.

Cala Vedella is on the west side of the island, it's just 10 minutes driving from St. Josè. It's a little bay, the crystal clear water is perfekt for swimming and there is a stunning view that is perfect to watch an amazing sunset. It's popular mainly for families and couples, as well as a good choice of restaurants, bars and shops too.

Portinax is an other magnificent gulf with crystalline clear water, high, rocky shorelines and a seabed of fine, white sand. the location is north east, 10 minutes from San Juan. We had a nice morning ending up with a yummy fish lunch just with the table of 2 metres away from the sea.

To avoid: surely Cala Talamanca. It's a pity because the restaurants there are really cute and good but the sea is ...honestly ... horrible!!

What about the evening? here just a couple of suggestion.
Blue Marlin is perfect to close goodly your day up with a cocktail on their total white mattres on the beach. Expencive.

Plaza del Sol restaurant is just on the wall of the old town, you can be delighted by a stunning view of ibiza town. The atmosphere is classy, romantic and you'll have dinner with candle's light. Expencive.

We didn't have time to check this beach venue in playa d'en bossa out but it seems to be really cool: Sands.

At last if you have time to go to Formentera don't miss it!! It's such a magic island! When you get the island you can rent easily a motorbike and go around the island simply by that. I'll post some suggestion on Formentera in a separate post.

Hope this can be inspiring for your hols.


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