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♥ travelling around England in quirky accomodations

Canapy & Stars has a fabulous range of extravagante holiday structures in UK, curated by Sawday. They include lots of marvellous carvans and canopies with a particular interest in treehouses (future plans include a Georgian treehouse).
It's was really amazing to bump into that website.

It's a wonderful, cute and cozy collection of beautiful and quirky places of a camping kind! Over the coming months they’ll have everything from stunning tree houses and luxury yurts to log cabins and Gypsy caravans – even an Iron Age roundhouse. Always comfortable and cozy, sometimes unashamedly eccentric, these will be Special Spaces to stay for those in search of escape, mild adventure or the chance to go slow. Have a look at the Canopy & Stars website for summer holidays with a dash of eco-panache: http://www.canopyandstars.co.uk/ .

Thay are lied around Cornwall, East Lothian, Sussex, Somerset and more regions.

Aren't they gorgeous?? I can't help thinking at the romance of sleeping in those places ... Unfortunatelly They are sold out for the next few month and i don't think it's a great idea go there during the fall.

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