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♥ holiday time

♥ see you soon ♥


♥ last italian post

Hi all,
I'm moving to London in a couple of days and as you surely can imagine I'm really excited!! Actually I've slept very badly for days!! i'll post from there and maybe something more interesting!
So I pop in just to leave here a little taste of my next months. I bumted into this gorgoeus shop in Regent Street when I was in London last time and I immediatly felt in love with that.

I can't stand to have a walk through London's streets.

I already wrote about Anthropologie but now ... I've just spot some fantastic necklaces on their website and I have to share their beauty with you.

See you from London!


♥ give away

I've just bumped into this amazing and divine website and I was really shocked cause its beauty! What's it? It's an terrific website about lovely handmade bags.
In 2004 Laura Nelli started Nelle, a handbag company focused on creating luxurious handbags and clutches. By combining quality fabrics with her keen attention to detail Nelle handbags and clutches illustrate Laura’s deep appreciation of vivid colors and textures. actually I'm a bit jealous because I also used to sew when i was at the university but after the degree I focused on my job and left almost totally my passion and hobby: vigutto. It's the first time I talk about my secret but we i discover these awesome and gorgeous bags I immediatly thought about one of my last creation, a clutch pretty similar to this on the right. Anyway, I promise I'll post a special vigutto note just to explain better what it was and what it still is! In the meantime have fun and shopping on Nelle's website, it's worth it, trust me!


♥ lately

"The sunshine atop of my curly head, crispy clean sheets on a double bed,
Honey spread on morning toast, fizzy ice cold water to my thirsty throat,
Bright colour after black and white nights, a warm hug and kiss after midnight flights,
A purr in my ear under a fluffy cover, a sparkling dream of an exquisite love,
These things you are and the things we’ll be, something special glitters inside y&m"


♥ shoes: ballets

I was surfing as usual through my favorite blogs and websites and I found these shoes!! They are so lovely don't you think?

As practical as they are adorable, these flats will have you doing a rain dance. PVC upper, lining and sole with a grosgrain bow. Made in Italy.

Price: $ 55


♥ hobby

During my last trip in London I got this whole series of colors for food and other things to enrich the top of desserts or cake. Why is it so easy to find everything in London!!!?? I love that city.

Then now I have to use them and I was thinking to bake some macarons, they are so lovely and seems really yummy too. I found the recipe into "Il libro del cavolo", apparently they are not so easy to make but I wanna try through! I will let you know how they'll come up. In the maintime I'm wonder to know ask you which is your best recipe to make pancake?


♥ gloomy day's needs

It' happended again! This morning I brought rollings up and it was raining again! I can't believe it... immediatly i thought "please rain goes away!!" It was strange because I was surfing on my favotite blogs and I found this snap on right, right after tht thinking, it was really appropriate at that moment! I wanna share it with you, isn't it cute and cool??!
Anyway it was so gloomy day I decided to set my new wardrobe up but the incredible thing is that i decided to trow away the oldest clothes I don't use anymore!!! (I use to not trow away anything).

I split them in :

♥ to keep over
♥now size 40 clothes to keep hoping to lose weigth (fingers crossed)
♥ small, quite old and never used clothes to swap with girl friends of mine (I'll arranging a swap party @ my home on next sunday). I think it's a really good idea, we'll see it's true or not.

I did a massive cleaning in my wardrobe through, I'm very pride of myself, well done!! (I use to keep everything).
I also re-cover some boxes to storage some clothes with my favorite design, I picked it up in Milan 2 year ago during the "fuori salone". Definitely this task was really funny!

Now everything is in the right place.


♥ have a lovely weekend

Just found it and I fell in love with it immediatly!! I have some hopes and dreams in the years to come!


♥ cooking school: chicche della nonna

♥ Ingredients
1 kg. potatoes
300 gr. ricotta
300 gr. flour
200 gr. spinach
150 gr. parmesan
1 egg
a bit of salt

♥ To dress: butter, a little onion, cream, salt and tomatos. On the top a dusting of parmesan.
♥ Instruction:
Boil the potatos and remove the peel. Boil the spinach and mince thinly them. Take a bowl and put into ricotta, egg, spinach tritati and parmesan and mix them together properly. Add salt in case it needs. Add the crumble potatos and flour too. You should get a pretty tough dough. Take a piece od dough and roll it till getting a long cylinder wide like a finger then you can cut it in a little pieces, pass them into the flour and put them on a tray.
Chicche are now ready to be cooked!! Now it's time to prepare the souce and it's pretty easy: fried the onion with butter, add the tomato souce and let it cooks for 10 minutes. Turn away from the stove and add the cream mixing.
Boil water (add some salt but not add oil!!) and drop the chicche into. When they'll lift on the top of the water they are ready to be dried, it takes quite short time.
Dry and put in a bowl the chicche, now add the souce and stir softly. Dress them with a dusting of parmesan on the top. Yummy!!!

Enjoy your chicche, they will be delicious for sure"


♥ Lonely Planet's best in travel 2010

Lonely Planet, my favorite travel guide, released its latest issue of Best In Travel 2010 guide and various top 10’s of different categories were published. Among them are:

Top 10 Best Value Destination to Visit In Year 2010,
Top 10 Countries To Visit in 2010,
Top 10 Cities and Top 10 Regions of the world to visit in year 2010.

Why am I speaking of this? Off course I was really excited to find out what the most unexpected: my favorite italian city Lecce is in! Lecce is selected by Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 Cities ... WOW!
Anyway I wanna tell you something more about the stunning LECCE.

It is in the South of Italy and very close to the sea, the region is called Puglia but the area is also known as Salento. The atmophere is always cool, every time I go there I feel better maybe because the tenants are sociable and friendly and Lecce actaully is always crowded and it seems every day is party time! The shops, bars and reastaurants are cool, you can find the collest bar next to the cheapest one but both of them are great!!
It'a a baroque city, you can still see and visit a lot of of palaces, monuments and churches (the most important are Duomo and S. Chiara) in this style with amazing and particular decorations. "Pietra leccese" is a white and calcareous stone, actually it is pretty crumbly, this material was used to build houses, palaces and churches or just to to embelish them but also it's used nowadays to make several handmade objects such as vases, lamps, statues and more. You can find lots of shops that sell them in the centre of the city.
You can miss to have a look at Roman Anphitheatre from II sec. in piazza Sant'Oronzo and the Castello Carlo V.

Of course the food is delicious and the wine as well! Puglia is the most producer of wine in Italy, you can taste different type of them. About food? All plates with vegetables are yummy and tasty, the best is fave&cicorie. They make lots of kind of pasta like in every city in Italy but the most popolar is "orecchiette alle cimederape" (I decided to not explain to you these recipes, it's a sort of "go&taste"). Where is the best place to go for supper? Actually at their houses!!! The Lecce's women are down right the best cookers!
- Le zie: the best one!! 100% tipical
- Carlo V: pizzeria
- La torre di Merlino: cool and good
After dinner:
I suggest you to walk through Via Ferrante d'Aragona, you'll bump into lots of bars or you can go to another area near S. Chiara Church and tehre there is a really cool place to have a drink: Al civico N°1.
I'll add some more information about Lecce in a next post, promise!

Here I've reported 2 lists of Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2010 Guide:

Top 10 Best Value Destination (Alphabetic ordered)

5.Las Vegas;
9.South Africa, and

Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2010

1.Abu Dhabi,
2.Charleston (South Carolina),
3.Cork (Ireland),
4.Cuenca (Ecuador),
6.Kyoto (Japan),
7.Lecce (Italy),
9.Singapore, and
10.Vancouver (Canada).

♥ I issue my personal list of next travels,here you go:
Thailandia, Morocco, Greece, Kroazia, Sicily, Barcellona, Ireland ... probably too much!!! But i love dreaming...and what about your one?

♥ my nowadays need

♥ I need to think it's spring ♥


♥ greeting cards

Yestarday I surfed a lot on the net and I had benefite, I found lots of information & steers about my next holiday but also some weird stuff. Here a sample but useful idea: most situations really only require one of the following phrases: "thank you", "sorry" or "fuck you". Well now you won't even need to speak. All one need do is administer the appropriate hand letter-pressed card, and it's stated in style, way cooler than what your mouth could do. Thirty-three of each card in a foil stamped box that reads ALL OCCASIONS CARDS.

they are by You and Me, The Royal We is a product line conceived of and created by 3 studio mates in Brooklyn, New York: Oliver Jeffers, Mac Premo and Aaron Ruff.

Have fun!


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