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♥ gloomy day's needs

It' happended again! This morning I brought rollings up and it was raining again! I can't believe it... immediatly i thought "please rain goes away!!" It was strange because I was surfing on my favotite blogs and I found this snap on right, right after tht thinking, it was really appropriate at that moment! I wanna share it with you, isn't it cute and cool??!
Anyway it was so gloomy day I decided to set my new wardrobe up but the incredible thing is that i decided to trow away the oldest clothes I don't use anymore!!! (I use to not trow away anything).

I split them in :

♥ to keep over
♥now size 40 clothes to keep hoping to lose weigth (fingers crossed)
♥ small, quite old and never used clothes to swap with girl friends of mine (I'll arranging a swap party @ my home on next sunday). I think it's a really good idea, we'll see it's true or not.

I did a massive cleaning in my wardrobe through, I'm very pride of myself, well done!! (I use to keep everything).
I also re-cover some boxes to storage some clothes with my favorite design, I picked it up in Milan 2 year ago during the "fuori salone". Definitely this task was really funny!

Now everything is in the right place.

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