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♥ e-book

Here we go with a great idea! Yes I truly believe this is an easy, cool and clever way to read your favorite blog when you are not able to go online!
How? Visit zinapal and create your ebook! Zinepal turns existing web content into printable PDFs and eBooks in the ePub, Amazon Kindle and Mobipocket formats. It is the easiest way to repurpose your existing web content and reach additional audiences using eBooks and printable PDFs. In just a couple of steps you can have you personal e-book! With this tool you can repurpose your existing online content to reach additional audiences via eBooks and printable PDFs. Actually I was thinking right about my mum, she is not friendly with blogging so I can show her my post using this easy pdf so my blog is available also for her. Guys have a look and get amazed like me! Here you can grab my last pdf newspaper.
Hurry up, let go and try it!


♥ freebie: monthly calendar

Today I'd love to share with you this template I made few weeks ago to keep in mind all my family business and appointments effortless. I printed 3 of them, I hung them on the board and now we have our own calendar just in front of us, every day till the end of the years ready to be filled in!! I do love to do always new things, explore new places and others, I'd like to think about very easy idea to get but be careful because it's also very easy to forget to do all of these things mainly because we are pretty lazy and tired after work. Well this calendar makes us to remind and add very easily some fun things to our weeks. Having the calendar on our eyes prompts us to keep in mind and book stuff to do such as cineforum evening, discover new restaurants, visit a galleries and more. It's enought a quick look and LETS DO!

Click here to download the template of my monthly calendar and keep you busy!


♥ how to make: halloween's pumpkins

Five days to go to Halloween and here you can find the last minutes tutorial to make your scary pumpkin lantern. I made one with a friend of mine Cla, she is so good at hand making these kind of things.
Here you can download the template, shape or designs to use for cutting your scary punpkin. And here you can see more pumpkins made by my lovely friend Cla

Isn't it so perfect!? anyway lets go haed and let me give you some tips to get it very easily.

Step by step:

1) First able the crucial point is to find the right pumpkin to cut: it could be soft and the size should be suitable for the template you chose. Of course you can also re-size the template adapting it to your pumpkin.
2) Cope the top where the stalk is (cut at 4/5 cm from it or less, it’s depends of the size of your pumpkin), the copped part should look such as a lid. Keep the lid!
3) Empty properly our pumpkin from seeds and stuff.
4) Put the paper of our template on the side you like, hang and fix it on the pumpkin with the help of some needles. Watch out! Make sure you put the needles in the part of the pumpkin you are going to remove so at the end you won’t find any little marks.
5) With a sharp and small cutter/knif notch and make a lot of little cuts on the pumpkin following right the shape of the design. Now you should see the design impress on your pumpkin in broad terms.
6) Start removing the biggest parts (without pay attention at the little details) then you can starting to refine and give a shape cutting precisely and minutely all borders. If you are in trouble, to get the best design out and to make the work easier for you, you can also reduce the thickness near the edges but don’t go too far! And if that is not necessary please avoid it. Don’t reduce to much the thickness otherwise the pumpkin becomes soft and it can wrinkle.
7) Here you go with the magic secret!! Put on all borders a bit of Vaseline so the edges won’t become black because of the air and also this avoids our pumpkin to dry too much.
8) Now put inside a candle and cover with the copped top. It's done!

Light it up and it’s Halloween’s night!! You’ll find something to suit your skill level!

Download printables here

♥ brand new classy baby shoes


I just finished to kniw this fab little and oh-so-cute shoes and I'm really happy with how they turned out. I can't wait to see these little shoes on my little one. I knitted several shoes and booties so far and I've learnt a bit more about the knit world so I make my own pattern!!! Yes this is what my mind eleborated mixing loads of "knowledge" coming from reading and knitting loads of other shoes patterns.

Do you fancy it? Isn't it so classy and perfect to fit little feet? The ribbon is a pin for the mum to be and i'm going to give away these bows like a present for my baby shower. I've been knitting them n every colors, they look so fab.

Here you go to download for free the pattern.

♥ first runners bottle

Hi gals, do you know what is my last on line purchase? This super bottle on the left. What is it? It's a fab bottle to keep with you duriing ypur workout, mainly durring your running exercise.

It's a great shape for gripping while running, the size is handy size and not too bulky. It's easy to carry and the water pours effortlessly from the spout - just perfect!

Now my question I ask to myself is? Ok ok i can't run but of course i can bring it with me durion my long stroll.

I'm sure I'll enyoy it

♥ if in doubs bake a cake

click on the picture to get more information about this amazing poster


♥ today I've learnt

To follow and get your dreams and aspirations you should believe, trust and count just on yourself.

The result will be more fulfilling.
Believe and chase your dreams regardless and fly highly with them.

My dreams are my life.


♥ Baby Sophisticate Cardigan

I found this handsome pattern on Raverly and I immediately felt in love with that, everything looks great but my attention was grabbed from the the collar, it is so cute.
Baby Sophisticate Cardigan by Linden Heflin is an extremely quick knit (perfect for last minute baby shower invitations). I just made one for my littel boy and I have never seen anything so perfect. I'd like to make daddy a matching one before baby comes! I'm going to hang of the right pattern then I'll share with you.

I'm actually quite brand new in the knitting world and I've never seen before a pattern like this, I mean, knitting from the collar till the bottom, I usually start from the back bottom till the collar. This cardigan turned into a very easy knit regardless.

Click here to download the english version of this fab baby cardigan directly from Linden's blog.

I did traslation for the italian friends here: italian version.

Thanks Linden for sharing the pattern.

I ♥ knitting


♥ fall is arrived

Fall is eventually arrived in London, air is so freezing in the morning but the color of the leaves warms up the city.
Hot days are just a memories and honestly a bit of happiness left me.
I truly need to have a deep sleeping to recover a bit.
I'll post soon an amazing pattern of a fab and sophisticate cardigan for little boy.


♥ tape strips by pugly pixel

Pugly Pixel is a fantastic blog full of inspirations and useful things to download and perfect to enrich your digital works. I do love to read her posts, i can fins always something very cool and stilyling
Here I've summarized Katrina's 3 fab freebie tape stripes, download them and make amazing images for your blog:

♥ vintage fabric deco tapes (here on the right), the newest!

♥ tape strip part 1 (on the left)

Enjoy using them as I do.


♥ cooking school: singapore noodles

Just finished cooking this delicious and beautiful plate. it was very easy to made and the taste is brilliant.

250g rice vermicelli noodles
vegetable oil
150g pork fillets , cut into strips
12 raw peeled tiger prawns
3 garlic cloves , crushed
2cm piece ginger , grated
1 onion , cut into thin half moons
1 red pepper , sliced
2 tsp curry powder
300g bean sprouts
4 tbsp soy sauce
1 bunch fresh chives , chopped
4 eggs , beaten
2 red chillies , sliced
2 limes , quartered


1.Soak the noodles following the packet instructions and drain. Heat some oil in a wok and fry the pork until it is browned and just cooked through, tip onto a plate. Add the prawns and fry until cooked. Rinse out the wok.
2.Add a little oil to the wok and fry the garlic and ginger until light brown. Add the onion and pepper and cook until just beginning to soften, then add the spices and cook for a minute. Add the bean sprouts, noodles and about 2 tbsp water and toss everything together.
3.Add the soy sauce, some seasoning and chives and stir for another minute. Push the noodles to one side of the wok and drop in the eggs. Cook, stirring for 1 minute then stir through the noodles.
4.For the veggies, turn half the noodles on to a large plate. For the non-veggies, toss the pork and prawns through the rest and tip onto a separate plate. Serve both with sliced chillies sprinkled on top and lime wedges to squeeze over.

It's suitable for 6 person.

This recipe is by bbc


♥ daily inspiration

Here on the left my last DIY. I'm really proud of that, honestly it gives a fresh and new atmosphere to my bedroom.
It was really easy to make: I just cut the heart and used tape to fix them on the strip. They looks really nice on my wall.


♥ about palettes

I've made this list of very useful link you can use to find out your palette from pictures and any images.
Color Schemer : you can find the right colour palette of your pictures uploading them (JPEG, PNG, or any other common image format). Another tool like this one is Color Palette Generator.

Color Palette Generator: Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette that matches the image. This is useful for coming up with a website color palette that matches a key image a client wants to work with. Color Hunter: Enter the URL of an image to get a color palette

Css drive: enter the url or upload an images and get your color palette.

Color Scheme Designer: that tool is very useful for designer to find anything around colors.

Here a tool you can enjoy finding new random colors.

Random Color: Find new colors with this handy tool. Use the suggestions to make your own unique palettes.

Last but not least HOW TO FIND the RGB Values of a Color: here a really useful explanation.

Hope you can enjoy them.


♥ floral wooden letters by Emily Readett-Bayley

This should be a short post to share with you these fab letters I just found: Floral Wooden Letters.

Each letter is hand painted with an Emily Readett-Bayley signature floral design in a non- toxic water based paint. On the website there are a wide range of different style of letters such as natural wood, balck, white and more but also other accessories.
You can also create your own wall and check if that suits your style. Price?
From £2,50 each, no bad.


♥ xmas wrapping: part 1

Xmas is coming and we should be getting ready to wrap your gifts. Here I did a selection of free printable I found among the net.

Print these lovely gift wrap sheets:
xmas paper by mea.
more papers by mea.
I just discovered the amazing blog of Kellie Medivitz. She has designed this modern wrapping paper and tags and she also gives us the instructions.
3) What are you waiting? Enjoy her free printable
4) another lovely
free goodies by kellie Medivitz

I couldn't help to post also this so cute freebie:
freebie from last year by a print a day: fab pattern!

and ending properly my first post regarding xmas theme here you go with
xmas cupcake cover.
Enjoy and print.

♥ halloween

Hi all,

it will be HALLOWEEN in less than 1 month so lets celebrate! I selected just few little freebies:

- Invitations by perideaudesigns. Bridgett designed some cute and scary Halloween silhouettes!

- Topper cupcakes by yellows mum

- Idea: design a modern, sweet and scary Halloween tablescape with these easy DIY ideas and items from around your home.

But also a really nice and helpful idea:
- Trick-or-Treat Bag to Benefit UNICEF
Enjoy the halloween period.


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