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♥ how to make: halloween's pumpkins

Five days to go to Halloween and here you can find the last minutes tutorial to make your scary pumpkin lantern. I made one with a friend of mine Cla, she is so good at hand making these kind of things.
Here you can download the template, shape or designs to use for cutting your scary punpkin. And here you can see more pumpkins made by my lovely friend Cla

Isn't it so perfect!? anyway lets go haed and let me give you some tips to get it very easily.

Step by step:

1) First able the crucial point is to find the right pumpkin to cut: it could be soft and the size should be suitable for the template you chose. Of course you can also re-size the template adapting it to your pumpkin.
2) Cope the top where the stalk is (cut at 4/5 cm from it or less, it’s depends of the size of your pumpkin), the copped part should look such as a lid. Keep the lid!
3) Empty properly our pumpkin from seeds and stuff.
4) Put the paper of our template on the side you like, hang and fix it on the pumpkin with the help of some needles. Watch out! Make sure you put the needles in the part of the pumpkin you are going to remove so at the end you won’t find any little marks.
5) With a sharp and small cutter/knif notch and make a lot of little cuts on the pumpkin following right the shape of the design. Now you should see the design impress on your pumpkin in broad terms.
6) Start removing the biggest parts (without pay attention at the little details) then you can starting to refine and give a shape cutting precisely and minutely all borders. If you are in trouble, to get the best design out and to make the work easier for you, you can also reduce the thickness near the edges but don’t go too far! And if that is not necessary please avoid it. Don’t reduce to much the thickness otherwise the pumpkin becomes soft and it can wrinkle.
7) Here you go with the magic secret!! Put on all borders a bit of Vaseline so the edges won’t become black because of the air and also this avoids our pumpkin to dry too much.
8) Now put inside a candle and cover with the copped top. It's done!

Light it up and it’s Halloween’s night!! You’ll find something to suit your skill level!

Download printables here

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