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♥ pandistelle and paper-toys

Here we go with some new download by Mulino Bianco, a very delicious biscuit Italian company ! This's a very sweet idea: you can download printables to make these cute decorations for your Xmas tree or others.

Ah of course if you are able to find these biscuits taste them, they are delicious dipped in milk ... mmm

Have a lovely Xmas


♥ xmas tags via "how about orange"

I just found on HOW ABOUT ORANGE blog this very useful post: free printable holiday labels, perfect for this season! You can find a selection of really nice printable gift tags. The holidays were fast approaching make sure you are ready!!

Enjoy packing your Xmas present,


♥ advent calendar

Hey all, today I'd like to show the advent calendar I made for my husband. It was very easy to make and it was quite funny as well, what do you need? Few things.
  • white paper sheets
  • paper tape
  • few metres of strip
  • scissors
  • loads of fantasy, inspiration and creativity!
  • some scrapbooking ideas
  • 24 number

I made 24 little envelopes using normal white papers just cutting in 3 strips an A4 paper. I folded up every strip in two and I fixed both sides with paper tape leaving opened the top.

I pasted on each bag one number and then ... I used my creativity! Each front of those bags are different, I added hearts, bunting, just paper tape, some cute designs, more.

When I got all my bag totally dressed up t I hanged them to a string and, here we go, I pinned them up the wall. What is there inside these bags? I wrote short letters or just some quotes I love and I also added candies.

Doesn't it sound very easy and cheap? Have a look at the photos above.

♥ bye bye London

Hi all,
sorry if I've been no posting but I moved to Italy and I'm really busy to sort out everuthing for the born of my little one. I'm having good time here in my home town, I had the baby shower too and it was really cute and it was really nice to organize evrything. I'll post soon some pics of it.


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