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♥ advent calendar

Hey all, today I'd like to show the advent calendar I made for my husband. It was very easy to make and it was quite funny as well, what do you need? Few things.
  • white paper sheets
  • paper tape
  • few metres of strip
  • scissors
  • loads of fantasy, inspiration and creativity!
  • some scrapbooking ideas
  • 24 number

I made 24 little envelopes using normal white papers just cutting in 3 strips an A4 paper. I folded up every strip in two and I fixed both sides with paper tape leaving opened the top.

I pasted on each bag one number and then ... I used my creativity! Each front of those bags are different, I added hearts, bunting, just paper tape, some cute designs, more.

When I got all my bag totally dressed up t I hanged them to a string and, here we go, I pinned them up the wall. What is there inside these bags? I wrote short letters or just some quotes I love and I also added candies.

Doesn't it sound very easy and cheap? Have a look at the photos above.

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