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♥ business card

What is it? Easy to explain! I've collected sevaral busines cards of restaurants, coffee and bars in a few years. Actually I find the graphic of most of them really good looking so I decided to stick some of them up a board and hang it on the kitchen wall. so I found a solution to embelish my wall and also The best busines cards I've never had are from several Berlin's restaurant, I also got thousand cards in Thailand and Vietnam from my last trip, it seems that there everyone has a business card!!!

My favorite business card is from Hakkasan - London! go and check it out!! the food is amazing and the venue is ... stunning!!!


♥ patchwork pattern

My last hobby is sewing and I'm doing lot of research throught blogs looking for nice patterns and things to made. Actually I found loads of amazing blogs, the net is full of really ceative women! Anyway I discover another good tool: the Victoria and Albert Museum has created an online patchwork pattern maker.

You can upload your image, pictures and the tool gives to you the right pattern so you'll be ready for cross sewing. Here below the web page I did with my image! You also can download the pdf of it, is not it really cool? And trust me very very easy.

Have fun with this tool by V&A!


♥ weekend game: what your prefered colors say about you

Hey hey here we go with my last discovered on line tool!

Select colors you like and dislike in this cool quiz. Then all sorts of data about your personality will be revealed.

Have fun this weekend with this super test!

My result:
You are a leader, you know how to organize the groups of persons and give them your energy.
You are also able to have an in-depth thinking, you think before acting, and you know how to communicate your knowledge.
Finally you are dynamic, your actions are only directed by your own will and you know how to lead people.

♥ recipe card maker

I just find this amazing tool, it's a generetor of card repipes. Next time you want to share a recipe to a friend, try printing out recipe cards using this tool Skip To My Lou's recipe card maker. You can choose different layouts and the size too. It's really a cute way to pas your recipes to friends.

Here on the left my first recipe card I made ready to share with you:

♥ tagliatelle ai funghi!! Enjoy tagliatelle and also this tool!!


♥ clare nicolson

I just bumped into this wonderful and oh-so-cute website and I immediatly pop in here just to show it to you, it's too gorgeous!!!! I've a pleasure to introduce to you .... http://www.clarenicolson.com/
I'm totally in love with birds in this period and this website is full of them! OMG!! I found lovely birds made from vintage fabric and filled with fragrant lavender, go and have a look at them and you can check that truly all types of fabrics are amazing. The website is oh-so-lovely too, all backgrounds are fantastic! You can also buy several and different kind of colorful cushions: the design on the front of each cushion is digitally printed onto cotton or silk, while the reverse is a coordinating panel of vintage fabric which is sourced for every cushion making each one unique and extra special! Below some samples of their wonderful and vintage fabrics.

Clare Nicolson creates a range of teatowels. The digitally printed teatowels are available in 100% cotton.
Also all teatowels come with a vintage fabric tab to hang wherever you want and make your kitchen even fancier! Is not stunning this little elephant on this teatowel? I totally love all these goods.


♥ still birds

Hey lovely reader out there, here a new project I gonna make. Here is the other thing I add to my DIY list: they are little aromatic birds.

I found them from this super-creative website Spool and here you can download the pattern. I totally LOVE this shape, so colorful, so simple and sweet. I gonna stuff them with dried lavender I already bought from this website: lavander.

I guess so they can be sachets or you can put somewhere such as something pretty to look at and in the maintime the smell is nice.

I'll make the birds from some of different fabrics I bought a while I know for sure they'll be lovely, ok not the first!! . Seriously I'll show some pics of them so you can check them out.

Anyway I'm going to use them like gift, what do you feel about receiving handmade gifts?


♥ kit talking shirt by Petit Bateau

Hi all, i've just discovered this terrific kit! They are 29 ink pads proposed in the kit: Talking Shirt. With the help of 29 stamps, 2 washable ink pots and your unlimited imagination you can create original t-shitrs! Washable ink becomes the excuse to write just about anything that crosses your mind. You can change the sentence on yout shirt every time you want.

Unfortunately i also discovered this kit was available in all Boutique Petit Bateau from 28th April till May 18th 2010. I missed it!!!!



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