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♥ still birds

Hey lovely reader out there, here a new project I gonna make. Here is the other thing I add to my DIY list: they are little aromatic birds.

I found them from this super-creative website Spool and here you can download the pattern. I totally LOVE this shape, so colorful, so simple and sweet. I gonna stuff them with dried lavender I already bought from this website: lavander.

I guess so they can be sachets or you can put somewhere such as something pretty to look at and in the maintime the smell is nice.

I'll make the birds from some of different fabrics I bought a while I know for sure they'll be lovely, ok not the first!! . Seriously I'll show some pics of them so you can check them out.

Anyway I'm going to use them like gift, what do you feel about receiving handmade gifts?

1 comment:

  1. Absolutely gorgeous! Downloaded the pattern!



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