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♥ lovely crocheted hearts

Just found these fab hearts!! I couldn't help to share with you.

by little birdie secrets

Ch 4. Work 3 tr (triple crochet) into first ch, 3 dc, ch 1, 1 tr, ch 1, 3 dc, 3 tr. Ch 3, sl st into center and fasten off.

Schema in italiano: 4 catenelle, lavora sempre nella 1° catenella i seguenti punti: 3 punti altissimi, 3 punti alti, 1 catenella, 1 punto altissimo, 1 catenella, 3 punti alti, 3 punti altissimi, 3 catenelle, 1 punto bassissimo, chiudi.

I make my first little hearts in just few minutes. Really cool idea right to enrich your xmas presents wrapping.


♥ party time: baby shower memo

I love all these hues of blue, they are so cute, light and bright indeed. Here you can find a list ofthings to do and keep in mind to organize a successful baby shower. I'm not an expert in this parties but I did a good research among several blogs of party-planners and here I've summarized for you. You can find a wide choice of different thigs to keep in mind.

bunting, pinwheels, paper pompoms, pegs , music

♥ Card:
Save the date
Thank you for coming

(choose theme, font, palettes)
food labels/signs, popcorn case, food toppers
sign/tag for cadeau

♥ Food
sweet food: cupcakes, macarones, scones, bignè, meringues, cake, jam
salted food: popcorn, tarallini, little sanwiches
candies: sugars bottons/dice, lollypop, jelly bean, chocolate,

hot, cold and soft drinks

Setting the table
cultery, tablecloth, napkins, glasses, plates, straws

Petit cadeau
don't foget to be polite, give to your guests a present to thank them for coming. That could be such as something you hand-made, cookies bag, candies bag, cookies shape or let your mind to be creative.

That I got is it's really important to focus the theme of your party and choose the right pallettes of colors to use, every party should be full of vibrant and colorful details!


♥ 3 little things

clockwise from the top
♥ monogrammed mugs by anthropologie, £ 6,00 (via trendinozze)
♥ earrings by bellaluna, USD 26,90
♥ bride veil, my favorite!


♥ knitting first newborn

Hey hon, I'm just popped in here because I wanna share with you my first works I knitted for my little coming baby:

Aren't they oh-so-cute?? I felt in love with them, I can't wait to see them on my baby!! I should thank to CarissaKnits and ... for sharing their free pattners to the net community

♥ baby hat: this is a very easy pattern made by CarissaKnits.
Here the pattern to download, you can find it also on raverly.

♥ baby booties by Routh Bennet: also they are very easy to make, here the pdf pattern and on raverly for more inspirations. Traduzione italiana disponibile cliccando sul seguente bottone:


♥ freebie: business card

Just a short post to share a nice and original business card idea: Google Me Business Card! You can customaz that with your name. check this link out to download the pdf (page2). Isn't it cool?

via howaboutorange, one of my favorite blogs.


♥ bride and groom signs

I found another fantastic free customization from This amazing blog: The Wedding Chicks. Are you looking for Bride and Groom Signs? Here you go!
Here you can find not only the free downloadable signs but also you can custom them simply make your color selections and fill in some info. After you submit the form, a personalized image will arrive directly in your inbox to use however you desire.

These below all colors you can chose for the design and the text.

Chose your palette and enjoy!


♥ ravelry and my new fave

Hi honey, I wanna share with you my last fave and what I discovered yesterday, I'm too excited, I'm feeling like a child has just got a new toy!

I used to knit and sew a lot but after the university when I started to work I left this my passion bit by bit. I wanna show you a secret: vigutto, check that out!! This is my old blog/brand, it was cool few years ago but in the last years I just sewes something behind order. The last best product was fabric laptopcase set: vigcase.

Anyway, now I'd like to kint something for my little baby and I found several super blogs and an amazing social network: revelry! It is a place just for knitters, crocheters, designers, spinners, weavers and dyers to keep track of their yarn, tools, project and pattern information, and look to others for ideas and inspiration. I found such a lot of inspirations!! but also I can't wait to add my works I did in the past.
Stay tunned ... I'm going to share everything with you.

On another side I'm going to change the headline of my blog so ... I need inspirations!


♥ baby boy clothes

clockwise from top left:

♥ bermuda/romper by neck&neck
it's so cute for a little baby, I felt in love with it immediatly. NECK & NECK is a Spanish children’s fashion brand with its own design, which is distributed exclusively through a network of own company shops or franchises. The price is also no too high £19.

♥ sneaker booties by Michelle
They are perfect for a by new born, I found across the net several shoes and booties patterns but honestly the most of them are really more female than male. This shape is perfect for a boy! You can find and download the pattern directly on her blog, click here.

♥ shirt by zara
this 100% cotton shirt is totally cool for a little boy. He could look totally a little man waering it. The price? Very affortable £ 12,99. Of coure the smaller size is 3 months

♥ hat by Hadley, her blog shescrafty
I find it really sweet and cute for a little son. She sells the pattern on her Etsy shop. Hurry up!!

♥ crossover body suit by Petit Bateau
Perfect for keeping your little one warm and cosy day or night. It's designed with easy snap buttons and a crossover front for quick changing. The traditional palette makes this cotton suit a great choice for bouncing baby boys. Of course the fabric is 100% cotton. Buy it on line at selfridges £15.

♥ knit hoddie by gap
This garter knit hoodie is the gap's ultimate in cozy. This chunky knitting hoodie means easy dressing and a happy baby.

I can't wait to star with my baby's shpping!!! I know I'll became a baby clothes shopaholic.

♥ drin drin in portobello

Hi all,
I decided to add a yummy post today. I bumped into this fantastic gelateria just last weekend and I was first really impressed about the design of the shop and the graphic they have used about brand, sign, packaging and all paper stuff. After that I couldn't help to taste the icecream and ... it was heavenly! OMG!!! It was so soft, delicate, creamy ... such a delicacy!

DrinDrin is located in the heart of Portobello Market right next door to the Electric Cinema (189 Portobello Road London W11 2ED) and it's open every day till late (11 p.m.).

When I got home I immediately checked thier website and it seems they spent a great deal of time to create recipes from most refined artisanal Italian tradition, the gelato is completely natural. They try to avoid emulsifiers and non-natural thickeners. You can taste gelato or sorbetti as well.

If you are are around don't miss it!!!


♥ freebie: shopping list

Hi lovely, I've just been back home from holiday and I need to do a big, massive, huge shopping for home so I got insipation for my last printable! It couldn't miss at all!

Hope you like it as I like. It's thought to add colour to a bit boring housework.

Have a lovely wekend full of shopping!!!


♥ washi paper tape

Ok ok I'm damn late! But i just discovere this wonderful product: washi paper tape.
What is it?
These adhesive tapes are made of washi, handmade Japanese paper known for its use by artists and craftspeople. They can be used for gift-wrapping, more pretty packages, book-marking, arts and crafts and other projects, they are also perfect to decorate your handmade packages, scrapbooking, card making, fancy labels and any artsy collages. It is easy to tear by hand, write on and remove too.
They usualy are a little transparent, so it looks great layered. It tears nicely, too!

Where can we buy them?
  • UGUiSU: is an online store for Japanese stationery and gifts which is run&owned by Hiki. Hiki lives in Tokyo.
  • Washimatta: karen sato is the lovely (nagging) wife of techan living and working in tokyo.
  • Happytape: Happytape is colored Japanese masking tape, now in the United States. It is made of Japanese washi paper.
I can't wait to place my first order!!

♥ exclusive vip event at Benefit

You can't believe what's happen to me yesterday, WOW. I flew back from Italy to London and on the plan the girls sitted next to me was reading the Sophie Kindella's new book. Is the new book in the bookshop!!?? I didn't know so I immediatly thought I had to buy it. Her last book (Twenties Girls) I read was so funny, great and light reading as well that I can't miss the new one!

Anyway I was walking throught spitalfield market to get home when I spotted an A4 poster hung on the window of Benefit Cosmetic' shop saiying: Celebrations for the launch of Sophie Kinsella new book: Mini Shopaholic....and more. Whhhhaaaaattttt????? Seriously?????

I went inside and I first got a free drink and some special and gorgeous cupcakes (I checked on line who was the maker!!) then a free natural and amazing make up (my husband liked that a lot!) and after that I attended the presentation of MINI SHOPAHOLIC, the Sophie Kinsella's newest book by her! What the next? I got my free autographed copy with a personal dedication!! Actually I coudn't help to tell her my story about the plan and the book and she was so amazed she told that to her agent and we laughed a lot. She is so cute and kind!

What fantastic welcome back did I got from my lovely London??!!


♥ freebie: recipe note

Here we go with the free template of the week, I made this pretty card for collecting the recipes from your friends.
I chose this hue of red because I love cherries and ut remind me right them. I've already written my first recipe on this note, it came from a close friend and it's focaccia alla genovese; now I just have to try making. If the recipe is truly easy-made and good I'll share with you.
Click on the images to download the pdf file.


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