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♥ exclusive vip event at Benefit

You can't believe what's happen to me yesterday, WOW. I flew back from Italy to London and on the plan the girls sitted next to me was reading the Sophie Kindella's new book. Is the new book in the bookshop!!?? I didn't know so I immediatly thought I had to buy it. Her last book (Twenties Girls) I read was so funny, great and light reading as well that I can't miss the new one!

Anyway I was walking throught spitalfield market to get home when I spotted an A4 poster hung on the window of Benefit Cosmetic' shop saiying: Celebrations for the launch of Sophie Kinsella new book: Mini Shopaholic....and more. Whhhhaaaaattttt????? Seriously?????

I went inside and I first got a free drink and some special and gorgeous cupcakes (I checked on line who was the maker!!) then a free natural and amazing make up (my husband liked that a lot!) and after that I attended the presentation of MINI SHOPAHOLIC, the Sophie Kinsella's newest book by her! What the next? I got my free autographed copy with a personal dedication!! Actually I coudn't help to tell her my story about the plan and the book and she was so amazed she told that to her agent and we laughed a lot. She is so cute and kind!

What fantastic welcome back did I got from my lovely London??!!

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