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♥ washi paper tape

Ok ok I'm damn late! But i just discovere this wonderful product: washi paper tape.
What is it?
These adhesive tapes are made of washi, handmade Japanese paper known for its use by artists and craftspeople. They can be used for gift-wrapping, more pretty packages, book-marking, arts and crafts and other projects, they are also perfect to decorate your handmade packages, scrapbooking, card making, fancy labels and any artsy collages. It is easy to tear by hand, write on and remove too.
They usualy are a little transparent, so it looks great layered. It tears nicely, too!

Where can we buy them?
  • UGUiSU: is an online store for Japanese stationery and gifts which is run&owned by Hiki. Hiki lives in Tokyo.
  • Washimatta: karen sato is the lovely (nagging) wife of techan living and working in tokyo.
  • Happytape: Happytape is colored Japanese masking tape, now in the United States. It is made of Japanese washi paper.
I can't wait to place my first order!!

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