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♥ quote of the week

I decide to embed a weekly post on my blog. Every week I'll write an interesting quote from sages.
Here you go to pick the first up.

“Buy the best, and you only cry once.”

Yes, you have caught me, I bought a very posh coat!! ... this has made my day!!

♥ avatar's wave

Have you seen the newest blockbuster and so popular Avatar yet? Yes, I have done. Really cool movies but let me say I didn't find it as amazing as everyone say. Sure the special effects and 3d are really great and new in the cinema world but I think that also other movies can seem like it: the “Alice in wonderland” trailer looks fantastic. The plot of Cameron’s movie is a 3d tour the force but it’s also quite easy such as intergalactic war, the good team wins on the bad one, love story between 2 different species and more.

Anyway here you go to get an amazing and relly funny tool to avatar yourself sponsored by McDonald, I did it and was super!!


♥ cooking school: scones with raisin

I've just collected this recipe right a couple of days ago and I had to try and taste scones immediatly. I first tasted these rolls such as breakfast in London with jam and a cup of fresh tea in a stunning coffee in Angel and they are as yummy as I had them once a week (honestly i fatted a lot in these 4 months and I know perfectly why!!). Basically they remeber me a wonder period of my life so I definitely LOVE them. They are a mix of sweet cookies and sail bread, at least they aren't too sweet and this is a really good point to me. This recipe is brilliant, the taste of these scones is heavenly and so delicious, it's preventable to say. It's aslo very easy and fast to make them.
♥ 500 gr flour
♥ 2 tablespoons white sugar
♥ 2 tablespoons baking powder
♥ 110 gr butter
♥ 300 ml milk
♥ 160 gr raisin
♥ 1 whole egg
Mix together in a bowl flour, sugar, baking powder and crumble the little piece of butter embending with the tip of your fingers. Add the raisin too and mix. Then put milk in the middle and knead the mixture till dough is not more sticky.
Strech the dough on a plane with the rolling pin getting 3 cm height. Make circle shapes of 5cm width and put them very close among them (2mm) in a baking tin. Brush the rolls with shaked egg and bake them for 15-20 minute at 200° C till getting gilding top. Finally remove and separe them from the baking tin and make them cold on a grill. You just get your scones!
You can serve the scones hot and with several jams.

Enjoy your weekend baking scones!


♥ @ home day

I don't remember if I already said to you but I moved living in a cute and new flat by myself so I need of buying lots of fornitures, accessories and homewares. I found these stunning places wnere i can surely find something intereting and I'd like share them with you because of the weekend is approaching and you'll have time to spend on their website, it's worth to do this. I LOVE to personalize my home as more as possible, I really believe your home is the reflection of who you are and I LOVE keep attention to all details, I can't stand to go into an impersonal house.
Here my favorite websites of this week period:

dwell - nice designers and modern fornitures
lombok - it is a colonial shop but they also have wonderful things
habitat - really a masterpiece

Have a look at those you surely can find something awesome for your home.

Have a lovely surfing.


♥ City guide: Harry's Bar in Venice

Hi guys, sorry for my delay with posting but I'm really busy at work and also at home so here just a short post to suggest you a lovely place where you might spend a cute and delicious evening in Venice. I thought about this because of St. Valentine is approaching...
I wanna show you this stunning place also because of I miss it a lot! I used to go there once per years at minumum but now I've not been there for a while, actually I don't get time to go there, nowaday we always are too busy to do all what we want. I'm pleased to introduce you the famousest and oldest (maybe) restaurant in Venice: HARRY'S BAR of Cipriani family.

When you get table you could taste their most popular drink at the beginning: is called Bellini, a mixture of white peach juice and sparkling prosecco, delicious. Bellini was born right here!

The atmosphere is great and cool and cozy, you can see Piazza San Marco from their windows right in front of you!
It is not overly smart, but it is stylish, it looks like a classic and old style restaurant, you can feel the antique atmosphere around you. Not to expect great culinary innovation, they use to cook just Italian classics and they do that greatly!
Harry's Bar is not cheap but I´m so satisfied with the portions and drinks and the service is so excellent. I LOVE how they change the tablecloth before serving the desserts (their meringa lemon cake is haevenly!

Have fun there


International Holocaust Remembrance Day

Just to remember ... sometime we need to think about these horrible past events.


♥ just cool

Hi all,
today I'd like show you just this campaign, too brillian


♥ Cooking School (a sort of): the last laugh

I was browsing a magazine such yestarday we I bumped into an article quite funny and amusing. It tells about this weird website: Fancy Fast Food. What is it?

On his website, designer and writer Erik Trinidad revamps fast-food and convenience meals to look like plates you’d see at a five-star restaurant, a really gourmet creation!
It takes the stuff you get from the drive-thru and turns it into haute cuisine, complete with step-by-step instructions and pictorial evidence. Delicious!

Fans of the site think the cheap but impressive-looking dishes are “timely in our economic downturn” or “a great resource for guys trying to impress girls without having to shell out for an expensive restaurant.”. On this website you can find lots of example of how presentation can change perception of quality and value.
It's definitaly the website that turns your Big Mac into a gourmet dinner.
The Trinidad's tagline: "Yeah, it's still bad for you - but see how good it can look!"
It hurts with my new year's resolution but it's a brilliant idea! It definitely isn't my cup of tea but it's worth to share with you, it's too genial!


♥ Cooking School: food, photography and more

Just found this cute and yummy blog thanks to my closest friend Cecilia: cavoletto di bruxelles. It's a blog about food and delicious recipes but also about photos and trips! As you already know I'm a buff of cooking and I LOVE the style life photos so this blog has suddently become one of my favorite one!

The blogger, Sigrid, is addicted of food of course but also is a self-taught photographer and on her blog you can find thousands of recipes with stunning photos of that food. Unfortunately it's just in Italian but she has written some books in other languages as well!

I suggest to visit this blog, it is really amazing! I've baked her scones such yestarday.... bang! They are so exquisite!! If you need of translation, I could help you!

I wanna try all oriental recipes from this blog! I'll be back to you soon telling my feedbacks.

Actually I'm dying starvation now!!


♥ suggestion: cool city guide

Hi all, I've just bumped into this special edition of my favorite city guides on Wallpaper* City Guide website: 10 cities now available to download for iPhone and iPod touch on the iPhone App Store.

"Whether you are staying for 48 hours or five days, visiting for business or a vacation, we’ve done the hard work for you, from finding the best restaurants, bars and hotels (including which rooms to request) to the most extraordinary stores and sites, and the most enticing architecture and design. Wallpaper* City Guides enable you to come away from your trip, however brief, with a real taste of the city’s landscape and the satisfaction you’ve seen all that you should. In short, these guides act as a passport to the best the world has to offer."

Hurry up the first one is for free!!


♥ mine

just getting you in my arms and coffee in the morning...
flown t-shirts and launched watches....
here we go
always dancing and riding on tandem
..... just dreams
..... just us


♥ Lea Stein's pins

Yesteday I had a cup of tea with a really close girlfriend of mine, Giulia and she weared a terrific pin and she gave me lots of info about it. Actually I was feeling quite ignorant and it was confirmed when I searched LEA STEIN on google!! I found a post about her collection on Suze's blog, she is my friend!! Suze always is number 1!!!!

I've got that the collection of Lea Stein plastic jewels is one of the world's largest. They are recognizable and desirable for their extraordinary colors, textures and patterns, derived from a painstaking hands-on lamination process, invented by Lea Stein and still used in contemporary jewelry. Lea Stein started working with plastic around 1965 in Paris and she still produces her stunning products so these pins are vintage. No two pieces are exactly alike; each is collectible, signed and referenced in various books. And there's so many different animals, people, objects Lea Stein got inspiration from that you could get lost!

All Lea Stein pins are copied by many others but to recognize the original and authentic one you can loot at back and find back these signs "Lea Stein, Paris" on the "V" clasp.
Lea Stein brooches are not too expensive. If you want one you should try from vintage collectors fairs or antiques markets or you can find many sellers on the net.
Definitaly, I'd like get one of them next month.

I also bumed into this delicious collection by FRANCESCA VILLA. She is an italian designer who usesold casino chips, vintage ex-voto and quality old metal toy soldiers. Her pins and military star are all re-interpreted and incorporated in her gorgeous 18 carati gold jewallery items. She collects some souvenirs from her trips and then she uses and mix them getting special, posh and fantastic jewelleries. They are for sure limited edition. Take care, they are really expensive!!


MV says: all types of accessories such as jewels and also bags or belts are full of worth because you can hand them to your children! I've got lots of gorgeous vintage accessorises from my mum, my grandmother and my aunt and I LOVE them so much!!!


♥ the happy start here

Hi everyone!
At least I’m back and ready to enjoy properly this new year. I had really good time on the mountain with some friends of mine, skiing, eating, relaxing basically I enjoyed my life. Now it’s time to think about the next months and I’ve decided to achieve 2 goals in short time: the first one is to improve my English and the second is about health, I mean, getting fit curing my party-season hangovers (please don’t say the this is a waste of time, I need of many motivations from everyone!!). I wanna achieve my two goals by myself staying at home. To do this I got a special interactive and digital English course to upload on laptop, I’m going to watch one English movie per week, I’m going to read some English magazines or English books. I bought also lots of things to better motivate myself on the fitness side, yes I’m addicted of shopping. Anyway my get-fit essentials to motivate myself are: ErreĆ  vogue tracksuit bottom (they’re a total fad in Italy in this season), white and soft socks, cool hood. I’m feeling more confident and motivated wearing them, I love this quote: dress to feel good!! I bought also weight-bearing, ankle-weights, bar weight and some special tones from Itunes too. Now after these investments in myself I’m ready to get fit with full body workout! As you can get I’m doing lots of lists about things to do, I’m not so sure I’ll do all of them but I’ll try it!

Some lists I did:
• New year’s resolutions
• Things to learn and improve
• Books to read
• Movies to see
• Trips
• Things to buy for home
• Things to not do
• Gigs, Concerts, Exibitions, Museums to get

Any other suggestions?
Here my new years' eve song:


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