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I don't remember if I already said to you but I moved living in a cute and new flat by myself so I need of buying lots of fornitures, accessories and homewares. I found these stunning places wnere i can surely find something intereting and I'd like share them with you because of the weekend is approaching and you'll have time to spend on their website, it's worth to do this. I LOVE to personalize my home as more as possible, I really believe your home is the reflection of who you are and I LOVE keep attention to all details, I can't stand to go into an impersonal house.
Here my favorite websites of this week period:

dwell - nice designers and modern fornitures
lombok - it is a colonial shop but they also have wonderful things
habitat - really a masterpiece

Have a look at those you surely can find something awesome for your home.

Have a lovely surfing.

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