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♥ the happy start here

Hi everyone!
At least I’m back and ready to enjoy properly this new year. I had really good time on the mountain with some friends of mine, skiing, eating, relaxing basically I enjoyed my life. Now it’s time to think about the next months and I’ve decided to achieve 2 goals in short time: the first one is to improve my English and the second is about health, I mean, getting fit curing my party-season hangovers (please don’t say the this is a waste of time, I need of many motivations from everyone!!). I wanna achieve my two goals by myself staying at home. To do this I got a special interactive and digital English course to upload on laptop, I’m going to watch one English movie per week, I’m going to read some English magazines or English books. I bought also lots of things to better motivate myself on the fitness side, yes I’m addicted of shopping. Anyway my get-fit essentials to motivate myself are: Erreà vogue tracksuit bottom (they’re a total fad in Italy in this season), white and soft socks, cool hood. I’m feeling more confident and motivated wearing them, I love this quote: dress to feel good!! I bought also weight-bearing, ankle-weights, bar weight and some special tones from Itunes too. Now after these investments in myself I’m ready to get fit with full body workout! As you can get I’m doing lots of lists about things to do, I’m not so sure I’ll do all of them but I’ll try it!

Some lists I did:
• New year’s resolutions
• Things to learn and improve
• Books to read
• Movies to see
• Trips
• Things to buy for home
• Things to not do
• Gigs, Concerts, Exibitions, Museums to get

Any other suggestions?
Here my new years' eve song:

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