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♥ Lea Stein's pins

Yesteday I had a cup of tea with a really close girlfriend of mine, Giulia and she weared a terrific pin and she gave me lots of info about it. Actually I was feeling quite ignorant and it was confirmed when I searched LEA STEIN on google!! I found a post about her collection on Suze's blog, she is my friend!! Suze always is number 1!!!!

I've got that the collection of Lea Stein plastic jewels is one of the world's largest. They are recognizable and desirable for their extraordinary colors, textures and patterns, derived from a painstaking hands-on lamination process, invented by Lea Stein and still used in contemporary jewelry. Lea Stein started working with plastic around 1965 in Paris and she still produces her stunning products so these pins are vintage. No two pieces are exactly alike; each is collectible, signed and referenced in various books. And there's so many different animals, people, objects Lea Stein got inspiration from that you could get lost!

All Lea Stein pins are copied by many others but to recognize the original and authentic one you can loot at back and find back these signs "Lea Stein, Paris" on the "V" clasp.
Lea Stein brooches are not too expensive. If you want one you should try from vintage collectors fairs or antiques markets or you can find many sellers on the net.
Definitaly, I'd like get one of them next month.

I also bumed into this delicious collection by FRANCESCA VILLA. She is an italian designer who usesold casino chips, vintage ex-voto and quality old metal toy soldiers. Her pins and military star are all re-interpreted and incorporated in her gorgeous 18 carati gold jewallery items. She collects some souvenirs from her trips and then she uses and mix them getting special, posh and fantastic jewelleries. They are for sure limited edition. Take care, they are really expensive!!


MV says: all types of accessories such as jewels and also bags or belts are full of worth because you can hand them to your children! I've got lots of gorgeous vintage accessorises from my mum, my grandmother and my aunt and I LOVE them so much!!!

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