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♥ drin drin in portobello

Hi all,
I decided to add a yummy post today. I bumped into this fantastic gelateria just last weekend and I was first really impressed about the design of the shop and the graphic they have used about brand, sign, packaging and all paper stuff. After that I couldn't help to taste the icecream and ... it was heavenly! OMG!!! It was so soft, delicate, creamy ... such a delicacy!

DrinDrin is located in the heart of Portobello Market right next door to the Electric Cinema (189 Portobello Road London W11 2ED) and it's open every day till late (11 p.m.).

When I got home I immediately checked thier website and it seems they spent a great deal of time to create recipes from most refined artisanal Italian tradition, the gelato is completely natural. They try to avoid emulsifiers and non-natural thickeners. You can taste gelato or sorbetti as well.

If you are are around don't miss it!!!

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