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♥ Lonely Planet's best in travel 2010

Lonely Planet, my favorite travel guide, released its latest issue of Best In Travel 2010 guide and various top 10’s of different categories were published. Among them are:

Top 10 Best Value Destination to Visit In Year 2010,
Top 10 Countries To Visit in 2010,
Top 10 Cities and Top 10 Regions of the world to visit in year 2010.

Why am I speaking of this? Off course I was really excited to find out what the most unexpected: my favorite italian city Lecce is in! Lecce is selected by Lonely Planet as one of the Top 10 Cities ... WOW!
Anyway I wanna tell you something more about the stunning LECCE.

It is in the South of Italy and very close to the sea, the region is called Puglia but the area is also known as Salento. The atmophere is always cool, every time I go there I feel better maybe because the tenants are sociable and friendly and Lecce actaully is always crowded and it seems every day is party time! The shops, bars and reastaurants are cool, you can find the collest bar next to the cheapest one but both of them are great!!
It'a a baroque city, you can still see and visit a lot of of palaces, monuments and churches (the most important are Duomo and S. Chiara) in this style with amazing and particular decorations. "Pietra leccese" is a white and calcareous stone, actually it is pretty crumbly, this material was used to build houses, palaces and churches or just to to embelish them but also it's used nowadays to make several handmade objects such as vases, lamps, statues and more. You can find lots of shops that sell them in the centre of the city.
You can miss to have a look at Roman Anphitheatre from II sec. in piazza Sant'Oronzo and the Castello Carlo V.

Of course the food is delicious and the wine as well! Puglia is the most producer of wine in Italy, you can taste different type of them. About food? All plates with vegetables are yummy and tasty, the best is fave&cicorie. They make lots of kind of pasta like in every city in Italy but the most popolar is "orecchiette alle cimederape" (I decided to not explain to you these recipes, it's a sort of "go&taste"). Where is the best place to go for supper? Actually at their houses!!! The Lecce's women are down right the best cookers!
- Le zie: the best one!! 100% tipical
- Carlo V: pizzeria
- La torre di Merlino: cool and good
After dinner:
I suggest you to walk through Via Ferrante d'Aragona, you'll bump into lots of bars or you can go to another area near S. Chiara Church and tehre there is a really cool place to have a drink: Al civico N°1.
I'll add some more information about Lecce in a next post, promise!

Here I've reported 2 lists of Lonely Planet’s Best In Travel 2010 Guide:

Top 10 Best Value Destination (Alphabetic ordered)

5.Las Vegas;
9.South Africa, and

Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2010

1.Abu Dhabi,
2.Charleston (South Carolina),
3.Cork (Ireland),
4.Cuenca (Ecuador),
6.Kyoto (Japan),
7.Lecce (Italy),
9.Singapore, and
10.Vancouver (Canada).

♥ I issue my personal list of next travels,here you go:
Thailandia, Morocco, Greece, Kroazia, Sicily, Barcellona, Ireland ... probably too much!!! But i love dreaming...and what about your one?

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