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♥ cooking school: chicche della nonna

♥ Ingredients
1 kg. potatoes
300 gr. ricotta
300 gr. flour
200 gr. spinach
150 gr. parmesan
1 egg
a bit of salt

♥ To dress: butter, a little onion, cream, salt and tomatos. On the top a dusting of parmesan.
♥ Instruction:
Boil the potatos and remove the peel. Boil the spinach and mince thinly them. Take a bowl and put into ricotta, egg, spinach tritati and parmesan and mix them together properly. Add salt in case it needs. Add the crumble potatos and flour too. You should get a pretty tough dough. Take a piece od dough and roll it till getting a long cylinder wide like a finger then you can cut it in a little pieces, pass them into the flour and put them on a tray.
Chicche are now ready to be cooked!! Now it's time to prepare the souce and it's pretty easy: fried the onion with butter, add the tomato souce and let it cooks for 10 minutes. Turn away from the stove and add the cream mixing.
Boil water (add some salt but not add oil!!) and drop the chicche into. When they'll lift on the top of the water they are ready to be dried, it takes quite short time.
Dry and put in a bowl the chicche, now add the souce and stir softly. Dress them with a dusting of parmesan on the top. Yummy!!!

Enjoy your chicche, they will be delicious for sure"

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