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I've just bumped into this amazing and divine website and I was really shocked cause its beauty! What's it? It's an terrific website about lovely handmade bags.
In 2004 Laura Nelli started Nelle, a handbag company focused on creating luxurious handbags and clutches. By combining quality fabrics with her keen attention to detail Nelle handbags and clutches illustrate Laura’s deep appreciation of vivid colors and textures. actually I'm a bit jealous because I also used to sew when i was at the university but after the degree I focused on my job and left almost totally my passion and hobby: vigutto. It's the first time I talk about my secret but we i discover these awesome and gorgeous bags I immediatly thought about one of my last creation, a clutch pretty similar to this on the right. Anyway, I promise I'll post a special vigutto note just to explain better what it was and what it still is! In the meantime have fun and shopping on Nelle's website, it's worth it, trust me!

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