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Hi hi it's time for me to do outing: I'm having a baby very soon and you can't imagine how happy we are!! As every mum to be I'm getting crazy with clothes I'd like to buy (OMG gap has so many cute and marvellous miniclothes!!), things for fornishing the new room but I also think about party time! So the first party for my baby will be the baby shower and it is in December, I know it's really far away but I can't help to think about all this oh so cute things.

woollen booties by Frogginette

Actually in the past days I was blogging on my faves and I already found a lot of insipations but I don't wanna stop to glimpse in every nooks. Any Suggestion?

For sure a bunting can't miss at that party!

Here a little tip to make a very basic and easy bunting:
Variety of cute fabrics
3 m of Ribbon

1. Cut 12 long isosceles triangles from fabric. (basis: 20cm and height: 24 cm)
2. Pinch the flags with pins on the ribbon
3. Sew the top side of flags on the tape (you could also staple them)
4. Iron them


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