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♥ getting ready for meteor showers

The meteor shower is peaking this week, probably the best evening to watch them will be on Thursday 19th in Uk so i'm getting ready to have a oudoor evening. It is expected to peak at around 11pm and continue through the night and the perfect condition of the waether could help us to spot them properly. Seeing stars in their full splendour, shining bright in the sky above you, is one of the unofficial wonders of the natural world and don't forget every fallen stars you spot you can express a desire.

1) Bring a lounge chair or blanket, so you can relax and look up with ease. Check out some of my favorite blankets from Toast (from €59)
2) Some candles might help you in the dark and let me say that they makes atmosphere. I found these wonderful outdoor glass candle holders. They are by Sundance (from € 20).
3) Thermos can't miss at this date. Remember to bring with you some hot tea to warm you up. By Sigg (from € 20)

Are you ready for your meteors night?

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