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♥ Bags, which one?

Sure, this is definitely my biggest love: BAGS!! I LOVE them but am not really addicted on, I mean, I look for the quality not the quantity, basically .... just few of them but high and good quality! The bag definitely tell about his owner and every girl would have her favorite bag. If you change bag every day... this would mean you are unhappy, unsatisfield and actually it's really laborious too!!!

The bag is an accessorise freestanding, it mustn't to be compulsory coordinate rather I personally prefer the contrast. I don't like when the whole apparel is all coordinated! Try to dare! ok ok I agree never never never put on red shoes and yellow bag, come on its rubbish!! But if you are total black and use a beautiful orange bag ... you will be really elegant and posh! Don't shy away from colour and enjoy breaking the rules. An all black suit is a more sombre colour but you can inject your personality with fun accessories such as a huge yellow bag!
I don't like change bag every time I change dress, so It must be resistent and of good quality (LV is an evergreen to me)! I LOVE the biggest ones, I like bring with me a lot of things, sometime I think to have all my house int.
I like the colour bags, like blue, yellow or orange as well besides black and brown ones, it's nice flying of fancy. I like obiously also the classic branded Louis Vuitton. It must be sober, traditional, without frippery: in short ... classic! My aunt gift me 3 her vintage LV, they are simply terrific and ... unusual (they are out of stock!!)
Otherwise I'm going crazy with the smallest ones too, clutchess are simply divine. I use them during the evening or night, really usefull (just key, money, mobile and gloss). Last years I bought my favorite clutches: one is by PRADA (an elegant masterpiece), the second one is by LOUIS VUITTON (my first LV, bought it in Florance in a happy day) and the last by TWENTY8TWELVE (got it in London). At the end the medium size are ... useless, unnecessary... in short...rubbish!!!

NEVER: plastic bags are definitely banned! But you should use the recyclable bags when you make shopping in supermarkets, its so green, safety and cool as well! Just to say: I ♥ ORGANIC.

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