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♥ Kitchen Garden to live green

I've got a new hobby for just 1 month. This makes me feel the sense of nature, tranquillity, relax, healty, safety, tradition and of course beauty as well. I was thinking what can I do? ... a little kitchen garden is that I need!! I said and i did it so now I have a very very little plot to take care, day by day. I bought a book about kitchen garden and plants and so i starded up with this project. I wanna improve it with many different species of vegetables and of course a lot of decorations as well to make it astonishing. I LOVE spending my time in beautiful place, I mean nice and pleasent but not uncool. Its so cute seeing my lillte plants growing up. I like a lot tasting every type of vegetables and this is the best idea to eat healty. I also noticed that this my new hobby makes lots of friends of mine really curious and wonder. What I wanna say? Find your personal hobby, it surely makes you richer!! Do you need some more suggestions to find your likely and ad hoc hobby?? Here they are!
  • school of drama
  • course of photography
  • knitting night with girl friends
  • course of wine tasting
  • cooking course
  • class of musical instrument
  • class of dance (I tried tango, country, capueira and all were fantastic)
  • season subscription at local theatre
  • yoga or pilates
  • cineforum night with friends

Are they enough? Keep in mind, your hobby must make you richer! Do you get what I mean!? Make sure to do the right choosen!!

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