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♥ city guide: London & the first 2 hours

Last years I spent almost 4 months in London for work and I've definitely fallen in love with it! It's quite easy, I know!! Am in LOVE with London. First step: listen this tune and fall in love with London such as me: London Calling By The Clash
I'd love give you some tips about the City. I decided to post some different news, here I advice you what you can do in London just arrived there! Go to the pub!!!! Out of joke here some tips:

♥ To get the city from Stansted airport you have a lot of chances but the cheapest (£9) is by Transavision bus, up to every 30 min and it takes 55 min to reach Liverpool St. The fastest is The Stansted Express, it runs every 15 minutes and reaches Liverpool St in 45 minutes (£18).
♥ Hotels, I LOVE this so cute, cozy and family and cheap Hotel: Celtic Hotel in Russel Square (WC1N1DD).It's very confortable, just restroctured and in a really nice area. If you are looking for some more nice place is suggest you The Zatter (
http://www.thezetter.com/), i stayed there with my ex boyfriend ... trust me it was amazing!!! Anyway its important to find the hotel in zone 1, surely better if its close to tube stations.
♥ Transport: moving in london is really easy by tube, bus or cab. Buy the Oystercad, it's London's travel smartcard, add money to it so you can pay as you go on bus, Tube, tram, DLR, London Overground and some National Rail services. The aim is to ensure that Oyster always charges the lowest fare.
♥ Now get the closest rubbish pub to your hotel and enjoy your first beer in London such as a londoner!!

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