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Hi guys,
I've just decided to start a new project: this blog!
Ok, let me say just two words to explain why I wanna do this: just to share with you my personal passions, tastes, interests, some tricks and more. In other words l'll be posting news, speak in videos about things I like a lot, my favorites (to do, to see, to drees up, to watch and bla bla bla)! The idea was of my manager honestly, she has begun with her blog just for 2 weeks and I like it so much than I decided to do the same. I believe I can give you a lot of steers or tips, day by day, to find the right way to live well and in a cool mood with little effors, trust me!!. And honestly I love only the beautiful things, am a lover of beauty. One of my favorite quote is: "POOR but SEXY".
And now something about me: see the photo on the right, it's my fridge, I LOVE bringing with me a magnetic from all cities I visit just to remember me my trips. Here my favorite song of this period:

Hope this blog was interesting for all of you and keep close, I'll be back to you every day.

ps: I like a lot this font: VERDANA but to be honest my favorite font is Tahoma.

1 comment:

  1. Hello, love your blog!
    I've found your lovely booties on the net , (classy baby shoes) and I started to knit them immediately. Everythings ok till I get to the strap part. Can I please ask you what do you mean?
    When I pick up the 12 stchs on the left part of the strap and then cast them off I get stuck!
    I can't understand what's going on..
    Thanks for any help you can give me.



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