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When I was in London I used to have a cup of tea in the afternoon and before going to bed, with my flatmates. This is a must in London and i wanted feeling such as a Londoner so at first i tried but with some hesitations actually (milk into the tea sounded quite weirdo!!). At least I LOVE it and still now i have this habit. I'll post my favorites tea and infuse another time. Anyway I wanted say that I for sure needed of finding the right MUG (like a shopping addicted/victim as I'm). So I lighted on the Pantone cups, inspired by Pantone Color charts. They are exceptionally fabulous, they bring fun in the kitchen!!. My favorite, Pantone 2583 C is a cute violet that just says good morning princess! I have just found now their last product: MyCuppaTea. Really brialliant idea!! This Pantone Mug helps you make the perfect brew! All details here www.suck.uk.com/range_gallery.php?rangeID=76.

Enjoy your English Tea!!
The last Pantone's item is an Electronic Scales (£25.00) make with a tempered glass platform and sturdy plastic moulded body, these scales look good enough to hang on your wall, and you’ll be pleased to know they can be, as each one is also designed with a digital ‘time of day’ clock function. Brilliant!!

P.S.: I have a huge collection of mugs in my kitchen, I'll take a photos of them and post it.

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