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♥ I can't stand - round 1

Hi guys, this post will be always "work in progress". I'll add the things I for sure detest and dislike at all and update my list:

  • the pink tablecloth @ restaurant! I HATE IT
  • when boyfriend carrying his girlfriend's bag
  • if someone eats with his mouth opened, really revolting!!!
  • when the people's nose drip and they don't blow it, ahahah
  • whining people
  • people always gives advises!

and please add yours to this list, they are precious to me to share our disgasting!!!

1 comment:

  1. Lol!
    This new feature is hilarious!
    I fully share your first two points! (The third one doesn't bother me so much after all...)

    Do you accept contributions to your list?

    Ciao EmmeVì!



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