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♥ The art of table setting

I LOVE invite friends, host them and have supper together, it's so nice chatting around a table, eating, drinking and moving on the couch. Of course I like cooking as well and prepare everything carelly and set the table so to get a cozy living room. The laying of a table can make a whole lot of difference, your guests could be more confortebly and easy with the right, welcoming and warm atmosphere. Everyboby has much more fun when they don't feel they have to stand on cerimony. I'd like when everyone helps themselves to wine!!
Each meal can have also a cool and special look with a little touch of thought. I LOVE DIY!!

This was during my last dinner with some friends. We had a really good laugh night, do you want me to show you more pics? Which your feedbacks?
I'm looking for some ecologic and biologic paper plates, do you know where I can find them?

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