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♥ city guide: Sevilla by polaroids

I am very excited I'm just back from Sevilla and I definitely love it! It's a great Spanish City! I chose to show you my trip by some polaroids I took there. I think this is an unconvetional concept to show my journey, hope you also enjoy this!

♥ Here my polariods' city guide:

The first hightlight of Seville is definitely the oranges! Every corners of Seville are full of citrus trees, and of course I had some really yummy and delicious orange jiuce. All Sevilla's palaces and buildings are white such as a southen city. The second one is Azulejos: a kind of ceramic tile, hands-worked and plenty of nice colours. They remind the Morocco's culture.

A few highlights, tourist bits:

• The Giralda and the Cathedral are great, are beautiful

• The barrio judio, the old jewish quarter, is nice for a walk round and very atmospheric
• Plaza de espana – some people don’t like it, but I think it is worth a look
• The Alcazar Palace - the gardens etc are fantastic

Overall, Seville is about walking around, its such nice and relaxing, its just enjoyable to be outside and surrounded by nice buildings and the smell of food!

♥ Food:

Overall, the food in Seville is great. I would recommend the following places to you:

taberna coloniales: my favourites – great food, very cheap, and very popular with the locals. It is quite central and worth the wait – I recommend you try the “solomillo al castellano”, but its all great really.

estrella: another great place, does really good Spanish food and in the old jewish part. Good value also

Some more without websites:

El Patio de San Eloy, c/ San Eloy 9: as typical a Sevillian atmosphere as you can get once inside. The lower level is large and open, with ceramic tile benches/bleachers in the back where you can sit down and munch on olives or little sandwiches (montaditos). A large number of these montaditos and sandwiches are sacked high behind the bar, ready to be heated up and served (though one wonders about the freshness without refrigeration). Surrounding the bar are several groups of tables. Upstairs there is a dining area, but no real dining goes on in this place. In fact, I really recommend this as a place for a cold beer. The waiters always seem friendly enough, but after having seen them pull the bad part of a piece of jamón off a montadito before heating it up (more than a few times), I'm not too "keen" on eating much aside from the olives.

Sierra Mayor, Joachin Guichot 5: A great place to go for a variety of famous jamón and cured meats such as chorizo, caña de lomo...you name it: if it's cured pig, it's in Sierra Mayor. The fuentes (platters) give you a chance to try a little bit of everything, although it can be a little expensive. Tapas range from 1,80 - 3,00€. A large bar area with a number of tables generally mean there is plenty of space. The tables outside tend to go first on a nice night. During the holidays they hang little pig ornaments with a Santa hat on them: the front shows the typical smiling pig. The back-side appropriately shows his butt.
• fuente de sierra mayor (a little of everything in the cured meat department)
• fuente de queso (many cheeses)
• croquetas de espinaca (spinach croquettes)
• tostada o pan de la casa (various breads/toast with choice of toppings)

El Rincón del Pulpo Gallego, Harinas 21: Great Galician bar. This is the sweeter type of sidra. My tapa favorites are chorizo criollo, mejillones al vapor and of course the pulpo. Tapas range in price from 1,75 - 2,75€. Look for the purple octopus on the sign outside and you're there. Damn! They took away the purple pulpo. So just look for the sign.
• empanada de atún (tuna empanada - accept no other)
• pulpo gallego (octopus served with boiled potatoes)
• mejillones al vapor (steamed mussels)
• berberechos al vapor (steamed clams, or similar to clams)
• bacalao a la gallega (fish with a few veggies)
• chorizo criollo (homemade sausage served with sauce)
• sidra (cider)

Also, make sure oyu try a good breakfast somewhere – you should try tostada con jamon, aceite y tomate, its very good!! All bars should offer this.

♥ Nightime:

Ok, this is quite tricky, because as you surely know Spanish people like to go out quite late, and different areas are busy are different times – generally speaking, the best areas to go out are:
• Calle Betis (Triana) – right by the river, some good bars and always lots of people

• Plaza Alfalfa – lots of smallish bars close together, I found it very popular with the locals
• Plaza Salvador – good for early evening drink especially Saturday lunchtime – good tapas place nearby as well, called “Universal”, just seen not tried!!
• Triana in general is fun to go out
• For some flamenco ... actually I don't love flamenco, sorry i didn't go to see it!!

Sevilla is good for ♥ shopping as well, the shops are in the centre so you can really miss them.

Guys..have fun in Sevilla!!


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