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♥ my seasonal faves

They are some pics about my cozy home during some friends evenings. I LOVE my Xmas tree, it's so divine and sweet, plenty of red and wool hearts (DIY: I made them last years using an old pull). I really need of a Christmas tree rug just to put below it, this is my next task, I'll find it! Anyway I've finally got my tree and decorations sprinkled about the house. It's a good start and is enough to make me feel festive this year!!

I definitely don't like the plastic dishes but I found some really nice paper dishes and finally they look lovely. About my House Warming Party? I had an easy breakfast with some girl friends of mine last Sunday, it was really good time! I prepared some sweets: apple cake, cookies, jam cake, jam with bread and lots of different tea and coffee.

Have fun like me!!

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