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♥ Photo Camera: Polaroid & Classic

I LOVE taking photos because my memory very often fall down so pothos help me to remeber all steps of my life, i like look them just by myself or with friends! I've have a digital camera but also a classic and huge Polaroid machine! I definitely LOVE it, its so nostalgic, romantic and fast way getting photos but as you already may know it is out of stock! Calm! I've just known that a team of people has a big and impossible project: they aim to re-start production of analog instant film for vintage Polaroid cameras in 2010. Sounds really heavenly!!! Its quite difficult to find the films too but here you can buy them on line: ♥ polapremium.com .

I've also found in last days my granfather's machine, really antique, it's totally manual with an excellent lens. I'm goig to join a class and then I'm quite sure I'll take some wonderful pictures from my old camera. I'll post them and you might

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