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♥ gift ideas & smartbox (what is it?)

Hi all, I've just found this amazing, witty and ingenious gift ideas! How many times don't we know which is the best gift for our friends? definitely too much time!! I like find the right and really appropriate gift for everyone. I definitely hate impersonal presents!! I prefer don't do it rather choosing just an generic and unspecific gift! This is absolutely a brilliant idea and it can save you at last minute:

What is Smartbox? is a new and unique concept letting you to get a huge choice of fantastic experiences like a present. Each Smartbox gathers together a range of activities under a particular theme such as food, adventure, relax, romantic and more. All you need to do is select which Smartbox you’d like to give – and the lucky recipient gets to decide which of the activities in the box he or she would like to do. Smartbox is the perfect gift for all festivities or other celebrations such as Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or birthdays, as well! Its very easy to place!
How it works
1- Choose and buy the Smartbox you or your recipient would most enjoy – Adrenalin, Romantic Escapes, Gourmet Retreats and more. If it’s a gift, the Smartbox can be sent straight to the recipient if you choose
2- The recipient receives the Smartbox in a luxury package. The package includes a guidebook with a choice of up to 80 different themed activities to choose from (with no costs shown), plus a Smartbox activity voucher
3- The recipient decides which activity they’d like to do and books directly with the supplier using the details provided
4- When they arrive to enjoy the activity or experience, they simply hand over the enclosed Smartbox voucher to pay – no additional payment is needed
5- Thank You... They thank you with the enclosed card

It's truly easy, isn't it?? You'll definitely make your friend to be astonished with it! Smartbox is overwhelming! I can't stop me any more, its too brilliant treat!

I've just bought the "escape" smart box for my boyfriend...It is the perfect time to get away from the bustle of everyday life. Hope to enjoy a great deal!!! I will be back to you and I let you know his feedback!!

1 comment:

  1. I gave one of these (the sport/adventure one) to my brother and another one (Atmosfere d'incanto) to my parents: in both cases an absolute success!
    No problem in reserving and great treatment.
    Highly recommended!



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