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♥ city guide: Florence

Florence is the one of the most beautiful and cultural city in Italy, so many fantastic places to visit such as museums, churches, squares, palaces, bridges, parks or just street and more. So you surely have already got your guide. Here I'd like give you some unusual suggestion regarding some popular (but not-turistic) places that it's worth to have a short stop.

Just to star your day in the best way I suggest you to have breakfast @ Caffelatte (Via degli Alfani, 39): here you can taste one of the best cappuccino I'veve never had! You can taste it with several yummy sweets: biologic yogurt biologico with fresh fruits and muesli, terrine of hot cheese, soft-boiled eggs with toast, lots delicious handmade cakes, cheesecake, biscuits without sugar and several organic tea orzo and water. then you can sell milk and biologic goods such as: yogurt, butter, honey, cookies, caffee, orzo, choccolate and tea. And also it's plenty of atmosphere with good music and sometime there are exhibitions on photografy or painting. You can read a lot of foreing newspaper. Really a good place to not miss it! Now it's time to visit some beautiful places...come on ... get up!!! See you late @lunch time!

Ok now I had lunch in a lots od restaurants but they are surely the 3 tastiest restaurants I went in Florence and of course they are totaly tuscany restaurants:
  • SERGIO - P.za S. Lorenzo,8/r closed every evening and Sunday. I LOVE FIORENTINA, it's the restaurant where all owner of market's stalls go to have lunch, really tipical and cheap!!! €
  • I DUE G - Via Cennini, 6 close on Sunday. I LOVE RIBOLLITA €€
  • TRATTORIA DA BURDE - Via Pistoiese 6/r close every evening (no Friday), on Saturday and Sunday. I LOVE PASTA FRESCA €€
  • TRATTORIA MARIO - Via Rosina 2rangolo Piazza del Mercato Centrale open just for lunch from Monday to Saturday I LOVE PASTA €
In the afternoon you should have a stop @ ♥ Pasticceria Pistocchi (Via Ponte di Mezzo, 20)to have a bite of their so famous cake: torta pistocchi. It's more the total and absolutely chocolate cake ... it's a divine experience to do! Jesus I'm hungry now!!

In the evening you might go and try .... cooming soon!!!

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