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♥ City guide: still London

Hi guys, sorry for my absence but I was off and i took all those days to relax myself and try to guess...where ddi i spend the most of them? Exactly, in London! I had really wonderful time!
Here the best things I'd like to share with you:

COCKTAILS SCHOOL @ 69 colebrooke row . We had a classroom on 5 amazing cocktails in this supe cool bar. It's in angel in a nook just off Upper Street.
If you fancy trying some of these unique cocktails then do book one f their Cocktail Masterclasses. Tony Conigliaro and Nick Strangeway are truly the greatest bartenders in the world. Thank you guys, it was great!!!
GORDON'S WINE BAR is the oldest wine bar in London. The atmophire made me wow!!! It buried deep beneath the street where you only can see a suble sign and a really small door. Downstairs is all bare brickwork arches and candlelit tables. Ideal, if you're looking for somwhere to take your first date. It was crowed of drinkers of all ages. You can breathe the love of this unique venue and of good wine.
SUPPER CLUB is a place in Notting Hill just off Portobello Rd, it's quite cool. You can eat, drink and dance there. Honestly it's not my cup of tea, too cool and apparence but it was nice because we spent much time talking randomly on our bed/table, it was pretty relaxeing.
GREENWICH is so cute. I went there on Sunday and i bumped into a sweet market, so nice! G. is crowded of restaurants, caffee, bars and pub and we had a down right English fish&chips. you have to go on the hill and watching the skyline...awesome! Also you can get G through the foot tunnel under the Thames. FYI: It is 1,217 feet in length and approx 50 feet deep. Its original purpose was to allow south London residents to work in the docks on the Isle of Dogs. It was designed by Sir Alexander Binnie and was opened on 4 August 1902 at a cost of £127,000. The tunnel is lined with 200,000 glazed white tiles. It is open 24 hours a day, although the lifts do not always run the full time.
CANARY WHALF is a large office and shopping development in East London really close to Greenwich, actually is a new business district. It's built on the site of the West India Docks on the Isle of Dogs so there are lots of little docks and the atmosphire in the night is quite stunning because there are lots of restaurents on the rivers and the view is great, if you like the skycraper. ok it's not the best place in London of course but if you are around it's worth to have a walk there.

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