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♥ luxury eco picnic set

I LOVE eco and green and I definitely hate the plastic dishes. This is truly a brilliant idea and very cool too!!

Are you going to organize a party in the park? You are right maybe better an houseparty through this season (actually pic nic is my passion)!
Here you go and it will be really impressive just using them!!

On the left you can see some snaps about the pic nic pack but they sell also other pack for all type of party: the eco-friendly party pack!

They are 100% biodegradable so it doesn’t leave it’s mark on the environment. All stuff are contained in an easy-to-carry, recycled cardboard box that contains all the essentials for a gorgeous, eco-friendly bash and is available in a range of sizes to cater for as many people as you care to gather.
Finally this lovely eco packs are:

Fairly Traded
FSC Certified
It's definitely mine, I always look for the beauty!

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