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♥ Pop Burgers in downtown - NY

I've just found this NY fashion bar, futuristic fast-food counter, longe area and restaurant on the net in last days while was browsing some city-guide blogs and actually I've heard of this place for a while but unfortunately have never been there. No question, these miniatures are hot and too fashionable!! Why don't we have these delicious, stunning and cute food in Italy??? In PopBurger you can drink, dance or relax on lipstick-red banquettes and pick at plates of fantastic mini burgers.
The feeds of many bloggers are 100% positive: delicious food and great meal, good atmosphere, gorgeous place but ... just for cool people! Enjoy your NY night, it should be a really good laugh night!
Tell me your feeds.

Pop Burger
- at 14 East 58th Street near Fifth Avenue
- at 58,60 Ninth Avenue

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