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♥ Elegance and female seduction: It's Time talking about Look

The buying of a mirror is the first step! It'll reflect your whole image. and for sure it is quite expensive but necessary! From the mirror you have to have the possibility to walk around it at least 4 moves. Go ahead now and take a correct and accurate x-ray on yourself! Be careful and don't worry: Every Physical Lack should be correct just in few steps! Sure some defects you might find on yourself would be imporved if only you were concious and feeling well. Its necessary live with it and love yourself and then surely everyone will love you too! The physical is the continuous of your personality so its important feeling well to get the right happiness. Second step: understand yourself and find your personal style. You must not be that you aren't, just you is the way to find our personal style! And remind that the elegance of a dress doesn't come from the brand of it or from your size but it comes from your personal style, your womanhood and how you have it on. The conciousness of what you are is a must and don't be afraid to show you!!
As a proper Italian woman I LOVE clothes and accessories as well. I LOVE the classic and casual dresses, I usually don't love following the last and newest trend but I like building my personal style day by day. Here some trips to get the Best Way to Dress Up:
  1. Every dress must always give you feeling of pleasure and describe yourself.
  2. You are a woman, don't forget, please be feminine, always.
  3. The main point is to be able to mix properly your pieces and, look! you don't need to spend lots of money to looking stunning but you have just to choose the right mix suitable with your body and your character.
  4. Put on what you want, follow your style and your tastes but choose the right clothes according to the occasions. Its different going to office, restaurant, club, family dinner, work meeting, mountaing, camping or luxury hotel and blablabla. Please think about it.
  5. I hate the word: common. I like feeling different, unusual from others. Try to distinguish oneself between others by uniqueness!! Its easy! Everyone dress up jeans, well you should put on velvet pants!
  6. Generally your wardrobe have to work to a simple statement dressing formula with excellent use of accessories.
  7. Use playful accessories to lift a classic outfit.
  8. Other good point: Mistery. Leave something to be imagined! Its ok discover yourself but please not the whole body! Keep in mind: short skirt or shorts & high necked tops, really deep v-nech & long bottoms!! There is a good point.
To have fun: I've just found this ducky and amusing website: http://looklet.com/ I can't stop using it, it's too dinky!!

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