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♥ Music and tunes

I've never been an addicted on music, I like it a lot but this is not my passion probably because avtualy I am a terrible singer and because maybe my parent didn't introcuce it properly to me when I was young. I like several different type of music and in the last months I've found quite good the rock music such as EELS, Cake, King of Leon, Artic Monkey, Fall out boy, Nickelback, Coldplay, Dave Matthwes Band, The Maccabees but also Paolo Nutini, Mayers Hawthorne, Mary J Blige, Tori Amos and Joss Stone!!!

On the net there are lots of websites where you can listen freely musics, here some of them, cheer you up:

http://songza.fm/ my favorite one





Guaranteed to brighten your day!

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