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♥ Yoga Session in London

This post to say I found a really cozy and friendly place where I had a really relaxed lession of yoga. I found this thanks a post on secret london.

The centre is called YOGANESH CENTRE and it's neal Benthenal Green tube station. The teacher was so nice and cute, she follewed us on every steps and it has donation based classes!! After my lesson I was totally regenerated!!

Anyway after that I bumped into anothere oh-so-cute venue just on the right of Yoganesh: the gallery cafe: some tables on the terrace outside, a big glasses door and a really cozy atmosphere inside. Yestarday there was a gig as well so I felt totally in love with this small cafe. I looked for some review oon line and it seems quite cool especially on Wednesday and Friday evening but also it's very fancy for the Sunday brunch.

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