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Hi all,
Last week I was really busy looking for e new flat in London. I had lots of viewings after work but also on last Saturday and i took the opportunity to explore some new areas . Moreover, trust me, I saw lots of rubbish and odd properties. I can’t believe there is lots of guys they don’t care about their properties. Some flats are totally dismissed and dirty, in one of them there isn’t the washing machine, in another it misses the couch and on the advertising they say: totally furnished! Honestly I expected to find some s**tty flats. Eventually I found one and it’s amazing! This flat is just renewed and TRULY TOTALLY FURNISHED!

Anyway I was talking about this because all this looking for gave me possibility to discover new areas in London and I was quite surprised because I bumped into 2 really pretty zones: Dalston (E8) and Wapping (E1W).
Dalson is at north-east of Angel and north of Shoreditch, it is an urban area with definite touches of Shoreditch chic - before Shoreditch went the commercial route, that is. I think it a new area for eclectic and stylish people. Anothere amazing area but more residential is Wapping: is a place in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets which forms part of the Docklands to the east of the City of London. It is situated between the north bank of the River Thames, it's so nice! Full of docks and boats!! Wapping's proximity to the river has given it a strong maritime character, which it retains through its riverside public houses and steps, such as the Prospect of Whitby and Wapping Stairs. Many of the original buildings were demolished during the construction of the London Docks and Wapping was further seriously damaged during the Blitz. As the London Docklands declined after the Second World War, the area became run down, with the great warehouses left empty. The area's fortunes were transformed during the 1980s by the London Docklands Development Corporation when the warehouses started to be converted into luxury flats. Fantstic!

I wanna show you some great little places I bumped into during my flat viewings:
Dolston Superstore
on Kingsland High Street, the main artery dissecting Dalston. Suited to its surroundings, it’s a confidently cool and slightly camp New York-style dive bar split between two floors, clad in cement, brick and steel vents. It’s enlivened with fluoro flashes, tables for two, graffiti, art installations and in-the-know aural offerings. The long, wooden bar is top and tailed by a DJ booth and an open-plan kitchen. Downstairs, the intimate and dark basement is decorated with graphic illustrations and there are retro televisions on the bar and a corner DJ box. This is a very fashion-conscious, arty place, and the people that come here are in keeping with that. There are lots of gay (and straight) young couples enjoying drinks and larger groups of people gearing up for a night out. I had just a beer and was ok, in terms of food, as well as substantially sized, modestly priced sandwiches, burgers and salads, there’s a daily selection of own-made cakes. Entertainment-wise, I know there are plenty of ants in these pants with regular DJ showcases, exhibitions, launch parties, barn dances and music nights. And of course there’s also free wi-fi.
Opened only last year and has become swiftly known for its eclectic line ups and awesome theme nights.
Location: E8 2PB

Wapping Project
The Wapping Project is a centre for the arts in East London located in the historic Wapping Hydraulic Power Station. A multipurpose exhibition and performance space, the Wapping project features newly commissioned works by visual artists, choreographers, composers, writers, poets, designers and film makers. They have a restaurant and bar. The music policy and atmosphere are surprisingly unpretentious and it has a live, fun, upbeat vibe. However, quirky East End glamorous style is the norm here, so dress to impress. A word of warning: the upstairs bar is heaving by 10.30pm so it’s best to arrive earlier if you want a seat.
Enjoy your weekend!!

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