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I've just found these divine packagings on the net. Don't you think they are so sweet and cute?? I think it's the best way to convert a sample meal in a cool and appealing bite! They aren't posh, the ideal snack for a party or to serve in their branded corners. Last year I went to the ice rink at Somersethouse in London, actually one of the most impressive skating backdrops in town, and it was sponsored by TIFFANY ... I let to you the comments!!! It was stunning, amazing ... make me wow!!
The atmosphire was already great because of the setting, you know the Somerset House is a massive and imposing building on the Themes and then the Tiffany green was in every nooks so try to imagine the splendour... If you'd like to skate there next year don't forget to book in advance the tickets, it's pretty popular this place so it's quite hard to find tickets.
Actually skating is not my cup of tea but it's worth to go there just to have a look and have a cup of coffee at the temporary Tiffany bar.

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