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♥ The art of table setting - II

Basically, if you don’t still get it, I LOVE to guest my friends for supper at home and I’d like everything is fine and cool to make our meeting pleasant and bright. Actually housing friends is one of my faves. I LOVE table looks like elegant and easy in the same time, this is the start point then I’m sure your creativity will come out by itself. On the right a collage of some pics I took in my dining room during the dinner of last week with my parents and brother. I set up the table in this way: I bought a new roll of paper runner to set my table by mydrap.com (I chose the coffee color to get a cozier and warmer environment) and I put 2 runners across the square table, they are very useful and seems of real fabric, you can throw away them at the end of the evening and save time because avoid to wash up the tablecloth. Anyway I used my allday plates and embedded some red roses close (by seletti) to the glass just to enrich all places. I found 2 old bottles used to keep the fresh milk (when my grandmother was young) in a stall of a brick-e-brack market and I use to bring water on the table using them, I can’t stand the plastic bottles. I use also to enrich them with some sliced of lemon or a twig of rosemary inside. If you like this idea you should try and check out on this wonderful website: farmhouse. This trick makes the water seems fresher and looks so cute. At least that evening was really good laugh, we absolutely had a good time together, I guess that sweet table made us in a good mood. When I notice that friends of mine enjoy the evening I’m at cock-a-hoop because that mean I get my aim with little and creative tricks.
Ok I have to admit I’m such a buff of beauty!

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