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♥ my London's bags:

Hey all of you, sorry for my long absence but my trip in London was really adventure and quite long and after that I was sick too. At least I've not got the wi fi yet in my new and sugary flat (to be honest it's quite strange not having the net but also, at the same time, really "old style"!!, I knitted and read a lot, well done!). Here on the left some of my Londoner purchases: some cds, sugary stickers from Paperchase (I use to buy stikers every time I come to London), scarfs, some Muji's stuff, a fantastic and extra cool plume hairband and ... others. I also bought 2 really divine dresses @ Portobello's Market. I definitely LOVE them. As a very good friend I got some gifts for some special friends too.

My shops' list:


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